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Speakout 9/6

Thursday, September 6, 2007

I strongly disagree what one person said about deporting illegal aliens from America. Now, I am not illegal nor am I married to someone who is here illegally. Why do we want to deport these people? They are people. I do love and have worked with many of them. They are some of the hardest working humans I have ever met. They're able to work out in the fields and pitch watermelons in this scorching heat that we are enduring. I'm sure the American people are not doing that. But think about it, how do you define Americans? How did it originate here? More than likely illegally. This land belongs to Indians and Pilgrims. We took their land away. Sure people from Mexico and South America like to drink and play loud music, but who cares, so do we. How are we different? They are here to make money by doing the jobs we won't. I'm sure you enjoy the produce they are picking. So why not let them be here? Even tell them hi when you see them in the store. They are no different than anybody else. We all bleed red.

I'm calling in regards about the person who called in about the crosswalks. I agree that you do have the right of way if you are a pedestrian. However, that does not mean you can just walk out the door, not look or stop or walk in front of a vehicle that is half or three-quarters of the way through the crosswalk and moving. Pedestrian crosswalks mean you stop and look If there is a vehicle in the crosswalk. If so, you stop. If there is a vehicle coming that is not in the designated crosswalk area, then the vehicle stops. The law doesn't give pedestrians the right to walk in front of moving vehicles that didn't see you coming out the door until you were halfway across the crosswalk. Those people out there act like they own that place out there. They walk out the door, don't even look and expect you to slam on your brakes. That's not the way it is.

Does anybody out there have any swing sets they would like to get rid of? I will come pick it up or come take it down and pick it up.

Regarding the elderly spending the Social Security, it's ours to spend. I worked 44 years before retiring and paid in more Social Security than I will ever draw. That's what it's for. I earned it and I'll spend it. If you're young now and unhappy with us drawing it, wait until you work 30 or 40 years. You'll change your mind then, I bet you.

- - -

I'd like to speak out about the woman who said I was spending her Social Security money. I am 66 years old. I am on Social Security. My dad was 62 when he died and he never drew a penny of his Social Security. My mother was 57, she never drew any Social Security. Take that into consideration. I believe your money will be used, you will receive Social Security down the line from these young people that are paying it in. My husband works. He is 68 years old and he still pays in Social Security. It doesn't matter how old you are. If you make a dollar, the government is going to take some for Social Security.

Where can you buy Kentucky Colonel pecans?