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Speakout 5/30

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

My son has free lunches. They denied him his free lunch today because he owed 30 cents for a milk. In front of the whole class, they made him go sit some where else, gave him a peanut butter sandwich and glass of milk. I think that is clearly, clearly unlawful and unjust. And I believe that people need to start speaking out about these things and have something done about these things, because it is uncalled for for a fourth grader not to be able to depend on people for his free lunch. We get assistance through the government and he gets free lunches and they say he was never supposed to be denied lunch, period. And they denied him and made him eat a peanut butter sandwich. My son comes home hungry and I asked him what happened and he told me. I contacted the food services and I can't get nothing done about these things yet. Thank you for listening to me.

Just a comment to the uplifting little note that asks if the Republicans are satisfied. It says in the last five years debt has gone up and it is increasing every day by leaps and bounds. That's true because Republicans think they have to get votes by acting like Democrats. No, I'm not satisfied when Republicans act like Democrats. And he complains about human beings being killed in Iraq. Well, I don't like human life being lost, but I'd rather have it lost in Iraq than in the United States. If Democrats had not politicized what Bush is trying to do, and tried to turn the whole world against him just because they lost the election, we would have probably had that job over and done with a long time ago. Because Democrats like to play games and like to point the finger, we're still there playing by the same silly rules that we played in Vietnam because of Democrats. Republicans are too whiney in their own way to stand up to Democrats and do what needs to be done. So no, I'm not satisfied that Republicans cave in to Democrats. We have got tax cuts and increased revenue. There is more revenue now in the treasury thanks to the tax cuts. But Republicans trying to act like Democrats have created a great mess with our budget. Don't get mad at Republicans. Democrats are the problem.

Everyone should mind their own business. Everyday you read the SpeakOut, it's about people on welfare, they know who they are, cheating the government. People really need it so forget about it. Go on with your on life. Let's just hope they will get cut off from any help. Let it go!

I would like for someone to put in to SpeakOut what you do to get rid of moles. My yard is just really broke up with them and I don't know what to do about them.