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Weather clears and racing returns to Sikeston Drag Strip

Monday, April 30, 2007

The following is an article submitted by Jared Smith of the Sikeston Drag Strip Results held April 21.

Junior Dragster Class

1st Place -- Ryan Armer Kevil KY DI -- 12.12 ET -- 12.390 MPH -- 51.89 RT - .589

2nd Place -- Tracy Armer Kevil KY DI -- 8.89 ET -- 8.847 MPH -- 75.23 RT - .506

After nearly a month off, the rain went away, the sun was bright and the racing was hot at the Sikeston Drag Strip. There was a great turnout as the points season began after being delayed almost a month due to poor weather. The first final of the night featured the junior dragsters. The final featured the Armer Racing brothers from Kevil, Kentucky. They outlasted the other drivers and met each other in the finals. Younger brother Ryan got the spot, by just over three and a half seconds over his brother Tracy. Ryan had a good light, but Tracy was able to better him as the two took off down track to the finish line. It looked as if Tracy was going to take the win, but as they crossed the finish line, he broke out by a fairly large margin, giving the victory to his brother.

Trophy Class

1st Place -- Gibbie Yates Marble Hill DI -- 10.73 ET -- 10.691 MPH -- 67.08 RT -- .574

2nd Place -- Shawn Johnson Broseley DI -- 8.85 ET -- 8.700 MPH - 83.04 RT - .820

If there were points for the Trophy Class, Gibbie Yates would be the number one man so far this season. After winning the class to kick off the year, he was back in the finals again. His opponent was Shawn Johnson, who had knocked out several Trophy Class heavyweights on his way to the final. Yates got the spot by almost two seconds, and cut a very solid light to begin his chase for the win. Johnson launched next, but was unable to cut a better light, leaving him hoping that Yate's car would not run the number. At the far end it looked like Johnson had gotten his wish, but as the numbers came up both cars broke out, with Yate's car breaking out the least, giving him another trophy this season.

ET Class

1st Place -- Dennis Harty Dudley DI -- 6.29 ET -- 6.318 MPH -- 103.21 RT - .529

2nd Place -- Darrell Walker Paducah KY DI -- 7.20 ET -- 7.213 MPH -- 92.95 RT - .581

The ET Class final was up next, featuring Dennis Harty and Darrell Walker. Walker got the starting line spot by almost a second over Harty. Both drivers were on their game, cutting good lights and having consistent cars throughout the course of the race. As the lights came down, Walker cut a decent light, but Harty was able to better him. It looked as if Walker was going to be able to hold Harty off at the far end, but Walker squeezed around him with help from his light, taking the victory in the ET Class.

Pro Class

1st Place -- David Leonard Scott City DI -- 6.86 ET -- 6.851 MPH -- 98.06 RT - .518

2nd Place -- Tony Jacques Campbell DI -- 6.23 ET -- 6.221 MPH -- 107.60 RT - .557

For the second consecutive race, albeit three weeks apart, Tony Jacques raced his way into the Pro Class final. His opponent was none other than David Leonard, the defending Pro Points Champion, who is out to show everyone that last year was no joke and that he is able to win it again. Both drivers were eager to take the early lead in the 2007 Points race, giving them that all important advantage down the stretch later in the season. Leonard got the spot by just over a half-second, and cut a solid .518 light. Jacques could not cut a better light, as both cars dashed towards the finish line. At the far end, it seemed as if Jacques was going to be able to make up his starting line deficit, but as they crossed, both cars broke out by the same amount. Both cars broke out by .009 of a second. But with Leonard having the better light, he was able to take the win with a better overall package.

Super Pro Class

1st Place -- Rob Sample Scott City DI4.95 ET -- 4.964 MPH -- 138.50 RT - .505

2nd Place -- Rodney Jones Caledonia DI -- 5.63 ET -- 5.643 MPH -- 120.70 RT - .514

The last race of the night featured a pair of Super Pro drivers who waded through the competition, knocking out defending champions and local class legends on their way to the first victory in the point's season. Rodney Jones had one of the most consistent cars at the track on Saturday night. His opponent was Rob Sample, a top half finisher in the Super Pro Points a year ago, who was out to give it a run this season to win the points. Jones got the spot by just over a half second, and cut a good light as his car launched hard, staring at the sky with the impressive wheel stand. Sample was able to cut a better light, but only by a small margin, as he began chasing down Jones. The race was too close to call by the naked eye, but when the dust settled, Sample was able to take the win by .008 of a second.

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