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Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2016

Speakout 5/1

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I'm wondering if anybody else is wondering why people like Al Gore worry about global warming when he's flying all over the world in his jet. And his big ole SUV and his big ole mansions. And ole Sheryl Crow running around in a big ole bus, trying to pretend she's for global warming. I don't know, they are going to have some awfully messy fingers if those two are going to get by with one square of toilet paper. What a laugh!

I am calling about the double standard in the editorial of April 24th. You would think that with all the things going on in the world today, like the Virginia Tech tragedy, you would have something better to publish besides this Mike Jensen crap. And I believe, based on this editorial, that not only is Mike Jensen a racist, but everybody that prints all this crap, all you do is keep your communities divided. You do nothing to make your community a place where everybody gets along. I just feel that The Standard Democrat is one of the biggest reasons our population is divided. You guys, I'm so disgusted with you. You keep this town divided with all this garbage. With all the people that lost their lives in this Virginia Tech incident, this is ridiculous. You need to find something better to do. White people have been getting by with crap since the beginning of time. And now they're mad because a white man was fired because he made racist comments. He should have kept his big mouth shut just like this guy that is printing all this garbage.

Since we are having a Sikeston In Bloom festival, wouldn't it be nice if all residents would make our city a place to be proud of? Stop using the front yards and sidewalks for parking lots. Instead, keep a nice lawn. Plant a few flowers for those drive by to enjoy, as well as yourself. Maybe have a backyard vegetable garden and get the children helping with it. Let them have a plot of their own and teach them how to plant and care for it. The expression on his or her face when they say, "See what I grew" is something to behold and remember. I am retired and have great-great-grandchildren, but I have found gardening and yard work to be very rewarding as well as a wonderful way to pass time. I hope I haven't offended anyone by writing this. You are not offensive, you are inspiring!

Well Mike, what do you think of Bush now? He couldn't wait to get that surge of troops in there and now they're killing the boys faster than they were before. I don't know how many died today, but they're having one bombing after another over there. More American boys lost over that egotist little so and so in the White House. I don't know why somebody doesn't impeach him or something. There ought to be some way to get rid of him.

I would like to comment on the article in the paper on Friday, April 13 about surplus property. I think the commissioners should look a little harder for something else for an emergency command center. I'm talking about mobile homes. In an emergency, such as storms and high winds, mobile homes are the first to get demolished. You can see that on TV. And to put another $1,500 to remodel it would be like throwing $4,000 down the sewer. Think about it.