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Speakout 1/25

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I am really getting tired of these temp employment companies. I recently got laid off due to employee cut back, I lost everything, health insurance, pay and all. I did get to draw my unemployment. Anyway I went to every one of these places and all the same, let's put you in a 2 week position or a two day position. When asked about the permanent placement positions they have open, they say they are filled. I know of a lot of people who are friends with employees of these companies and they get all the good full time jobs, the permanent placement they call it. Anyway what's also bad is when you go to any prospective employers. Anymore they say the same thing, we hire through temp agencies. My response was, so you don't have to pay insurance, or worry about the people who work for you, what a crock. What's this town coming to!

This letter is to that employee that went to work late regularly, left for all sorts of non-emergency reasons and became very unreliable. You gossiped, told tales, even about your own family and very untrustworthy. You need to grow up and get a real life. I'm sick of employees having to baby sit to make sure they stay off the Internet and games. They take advantage of their bosses every chance they get. You may think you are an expert at playing the game and making your family feel sorry for you but you are not fooling everyone. Previous employers have spilled the trash on you and this is one ex-boss that you may have taken advantage of but you have to live with yourself and your lies. You would think that at your age you could be honest and respectful. You are truly an evil person or have problems. I will pray for you.

American automakers often get a bum rap, but did you know that despite the massive buyouts at General Motors and Ford, American automakers will still support 2.5 times more jobs for every vehicle they build in the United States than their foreign competitors, according to a new report by the Level Field Institute? Even after the cuts, the Detroit automakers will employ 33 U.S. worker, including white-and blue-collar employees, per 1,000 vehicles for foreign brands. Chrysler leads with 42 workers per thousand, followed by Ford at 31 and GM at 29. Few foreign automakers develop new vehicles in the United States, and those that do still rely heavily on foreign engineering for many parts.