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Speakout 12/21

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Call 471-6636

Why would a babe be in a manger on Missouri Street? I thought babes were supposed to be in appropriate places like Hooters.

Obviously, you've been naughty this year!

I'm calling in reference to the SpeakOut about single women who wish to have married men over. This has gone on since the beginning of time. There have always been women who would rather have a married man than a man of their own, mostly because they can't get a man of their own, and they have a lot of benefits with this. If they were married that would stop some checks, or some illegitimate children or they would have to get a real job and support themselves. Plus they can get money from the men they are seeing and they don't care about anybody's marriages. All they care about is themselves. They don't even care about the men they are seeing. They only have one thing in mind and that is getting what they want. Go back to the beginning of time, to the old, old movies. There's always been women like that.

I know why these jobs are going to Mexico, because they do cheaper work over there and everything. But why do they still let the Mexicans come over here when all the jobs are going over there? There's nothing fair about it. How's the American people supposed to live when they come over here and pick up everything over here there is to be had? My husband works and I'm proud of it, but the Mexicans will probably get his job too.

I'd like to thank the Super D for all the times they've delivered our medicine, all the senior citizens that can't get out. They never say no and they never act like it's a problem. No matter what the weather was, they were always there. Those girls are always so helpful and nice. I'd just like to thank all of them so much and may God bless each of them.

All the ladies that sew, they need to go out to Wal-Mart and fill out a paper saying they don't want the material department to quit. We need all the material we can get.

I would like to speak out and ask a question. Why can a little store sell pipes, flavored cigarette papers, things to crush marijuana in and it's legal? But if someone buys it and is caught, it's drug paraphernalia. I have never seen a place so full of sin in my life. Game machines in the back, big money paid out of them. What has happened to the law? Is there not a law that says you cannot sell hard liquor within so many feet of a church? I'd like to know is there such a law anymore?

I would like to thank DPS and Mr. Peters and his crew for coming to my accident and taking such good care of me and my family. They were very efficient. I really appreciate them and they did a very good job.