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Speakout 7/31

Monday, July 31, 2006

Hey Mike. I wish you would do some research on the Missouri Research and Cures Stem Cell Initiative. I'm watching a documentary right now on KBSI and it's very informative and interesting. I think every Missourian needs to get behind this initiative and vote Yes in November. It could provide cures for diabetes, Parkinsons, ALS, cancer, heart disease, sickle cell, spinal cord injuries. Just a numerous amount of diseases many, many Missourians and other people in the United States have. I can't imagine that you could look at your sick one and vote No. I have lost people in my family and I don't want to lose any more. Please vote Yes for the Missouri Stem Cell Research Cure Initiative in November.

I think this mayor started something when there's a lot things more important. I like to watch trains come through. I'm old and too old to work. I got kinfolks in Nebraska, a town bigger than Sikeston, that's got coal trains coming through every ten minutes. Nobody squawks there. If they did, I guess we wouldn't have coal for our Power Plant I guess. Sounds like a bunch of foolishness. Let the trains come through.

Thanks for the article on physical therapy. A great article. No bureaucracy, no politics. A legitimate business to help her residents. Thank you.

This is for the lady needing help for her brother that was going to have surgery in Indianapolis. There's a toll free number in Cape Girardeau, First Call For Help. 1-866-914-4357.