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Speakout 8/31

Friday, August 31, 2007

I was pulled over Thursday night by two officers. It was kind of late, but they were so nice to me. I couldn't get their names because it was so dark but they were so really nice to me. I would like to thank them so much. They could have caused a scene, but they didn't. They treated me with so much respect. Thank you and I appreciate it very much.

I was wondering why African-American soldiers are not allowed in the American Legion. They served this country like other nationalities. Could someone please respond.

An official from the American Legion stated that anyone who served honorably in the U.S. Armed Forces, regardless of race, religion or sex, is eligible for membership. The local post No. 114 in Sikeston does have African-American members.

This evening my kids where riding there bikes on Beech Street here in Bertrand when a blue truck came flying down the road and hit my youngest child's bike knocking her off it. Her sister was in good sense and grabbed her to keep her from being hit by the truck and her cell phone was knocked out of her hands and it was shattered all over the road. The Sheriffs department was called and as always no one was able to respond. We in Bertrand are supposed to have a police officer here hired by our city hall, but as always we couldn't get anyone to respond, not even the highway patrol. If we can not count on anyone to respond then who should we call for help? Can someone answer that for me? When it gets to the point that our children can't go ride there bikes or play outside because of fear they might be ran over or even hurt by someone then why do we even bother to send them out? On the first day of summer school my 5-year- old was let off the bus at the wrong place and no one could respond to help us find her. We were told it wasn't their problem and there was no police officer here in town to even help. We have a lot of traffic here in Bertrand that drive faster than the speed limit but it seems no one in our town cares if our kids get hurt.

I just wanted Sikeston to know how wonderful the people at Emmanuel Baptist Church on Ables Road are. They had a dinner and let my friend come in and eat. They were very, very nice people. Thank you for caring.