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Speakout 10/29

Sunday, October 29, 2006

I'd like to comment about you article Nobody asked me but, by Chris Moore. I don't appreciate and I'm sure a lot of Cardinal fans don't appreciate his thoughts on the Cardinal fans, the Cardinal team and Pujols. He spells Pujols Pooholes which is very disrespectful. Pujols is a very talented player and I think that Chris Moore is showing disrespect and I'm sure that there are a lot of people that feel the very same way as I do. If he doesn't like the Cardinal team, why does he comment at all? He could keep his mouth shut.

I'm calling about Highway 114 between Sikeston and Morehouse. There are huge potholes. I just got my windshield broke yesterday from a rock being thrown up at me. Their are huge, huge potholes. It's tearing up our cars. When it rains, the water pulls you all over the place. Please do something about 114. MoDOT got all that tax money, how come they can't fix 114?

Chris Moore needs to do a little more research on his football stadium naming. I've talked to several of the best football players to come out of Sikeston that played for Coach Sapp and also played for Coach Knox. They all agreed that Coach Knox was a far superior coach. Actually, he left Sikeston for the head coaching job at SEMO. Who else has made such a prestigious move? Wise up, Chris.

I'm calling about the dentists in this area. Something needs to be done about them. They charge a lot more than doctors. It's $32 now to pull a tooth for no more than 30 minutes of work. They won't take a medical card and someone on a fixed income don't have a $100 laying around. So I guess if you are poor and have a toothache you just suffer. That sounds pretty cruel to me. I remember a dentist in East Prairie would pull a tooth for $3. He would even come to his office at night if you were in pain. You won't find one now that will come to his office at night for $100. I know that was 30 years ago, but I'll tell you one thing, the income certainly hasn't come up as much as the dentist. I hope you print this. Maybe some of them will read this and start to have a little compassion.

This is to the Sikeston School Board, or rather the Sports Department Coordinator. I think it's very unethical of you to make decisions without consulting parents or maybe even the weather channel first! You want all these kids to be outside in the rain, in the snow, in the cold. Then when they get sick and aren't in school, you want to raise hell about it! Well, what I want to know is, who do I send the doctor bills to? It's hard to tell a 15 yr. old, "No, you cant go." Especially when they're being counted on to be there. You need to rethink some of your decisions to play all these sports in the rain, 'cause let me tell you, if it wasn't for these kids being out there playing, you wouldn't have a game needing to be played, nor would you have a job! Oh, and let's not forget how the school just has to have all this money from grants and loans. It's sports for crying out loud, it's not like taking the SAT! It's not that dadgum big of a deal if there's a game to be played or not. It's not that important. My kid's health is though.

This is a comment for the pencil-neck geek who called in on the football coaches. The coaches are doing a fine job. They are wonderful jobs. The boys are doing a good job. This guy needs to evidently get a life and learn something about football.