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Speakout 8/28

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm replying to Witness to a crime. Thanks for your concern about the dog. I just wanted you to know the first thing I did before calling SpeakOut was to call the Humane Society and they referred me to City Hall. The authorities went to check on the conditions of the dog, which are better but still are not ideal.

I'm calling about the article that was about spending Social Security in Sunday's Aug. 19 paper. It said that the old people are not spending the young people's Social Security money. I'm 35 years old and I have been working since I was 15. I do believe that a lot of the old people are spending our money. Because I am told that by the time I'm at retirement age, there is not going to be any Social Security money left for me. And I need it! So if you guys are not stealing it, who is? I have been paying Social Security for 20 years. For it not to be there when I need it, well, that's just not fair.

I want to speak on the animal activists or rodeo activists in Southeast Missouri. I was looking in the newspaper about the poor gentle creatures being tortured. I just want to let everybody know that I am from Southeast Missouri, professional rodeo in my blood. These animals are four legged athletes of the rodeo. They are well taken care of, probably more than people taking care of their animals. They are fed two times a day, very good high quality hay and feed. The strap is on the flank, it doesn't hurt the animal. It promotes it to buck. It doesn't hurt. I just want everybody to know that they don't know what they're talking about when they say rodeo personnel is hurting the animals. Worry about your own animals before you go and make us look bad.

To my savvy seniors and disabled, I went to the huge superstore here in Sikeston for an eye exam. I filled out my papers on my insurance, Medicare and Medicaid. They never mentioned they didn't take Medicaid until they figured the bill which was $45. This big chain store can take care of China but has nothing for the American people. That fixed me with them. I might buy a few things there from now on, but it will be a have-to case. Just wanted to let you know there are no favors at that store. It's not really a favor, we worked all of our young lives and paid it in. And for you little pip-squeaks that said in SpeakOut that we senior citizens are drawing your Social Security, you are way out in left field. I worked and paid Social Security until I was 70 years old. Let's see if you work that long. Please excuse my writing. I'm shaky. I'm 80 years old.