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Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016

Your view: People endangered, too

Monday, July 30, 2007

I must say JoAnn Emerson's Sunday article in the Scott County Signal is a disgrace. She would like to lead the people here in Southeast Missouri to believe the environmental whakos are to blame for the Taum Sauk Dam issue and are the reason for the slow response in getting this problem corrected. I for one am happy some entity is willing to stand up for our environment instead of reaping campaign contributions for future elections as some politicians do. I ask each and every voter in the area to take a stand against such a disgrace in poor leadership. The politicians we have in office today are interested in one thing and that is getting reelected and campaign contributions. JoAnn talks about the Pallid Sturgeon like they are not important. I don't understand her thinking. I suppose we could live without this fish and never miss it, however with this attitude what's next the Bald Eagle's habitat? I suppose we could live without this bird as well, I think not! I agree we need jobs and progress for Scott County, however we need to challenge these industries that are known to pollute the environment. I have personally contacted JoAnn Emerson's office to discuss the Ethanol issue with little response from her office. The money trail always shows the true story behind controversial issues such as Ethanol Plants along the Mississippi River and Nash Road. The campaign contributions our leaders get often reflect what bills get passed and what political favors get done. I am a simple man, however it does not take a rocket scientist to see the true picture if one takes the time to do a little research. It is time for a change come election time. The people deserve to be represented by fair and practical leaders that are not puppets of the big industries that contribute to the campaigns of these long-term politicians that have forgotten why they are in the positions they hold. To serve the people not the big corporations for political campaign financing. Do what's right and protect our communities and our rivers and habitats for our children's future. Tell the Ethanol developers and investors along with the politicians we will not stand for this industry to pollute our Environment!

Monty Keesee

Scott City