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Speakout 7/3

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I was needing help. The Missouri Department of Corrections, specifically The Southeast Correctional Center, recently as of yesterday had to activate the emergency squad to look for knives inside a level five prison. However, the administration, instead of worrying about staff safety, wants to give the individuals that were found with knives, more privileges. That way the inmates won't be mad at him. There have been numerous rapes at the prison and nothing is done. You have staff that is under the influence of oxycontin and receive no punishment. The Missouri Department of Corrections just seems to turn a blind eye to what goes on in the southern part of the state. The state representatives have not dealt with this issue that has been brought up. We need help.

God created all people equal. It's a shame that grandmas and grandpas didn't treat their grandchildren equally. There are those who gave one granddaughter jewelry, but not the other granddaughter jewelry. There are those who give boys things on one side and not the other. There are those who go to every ballgame one child has, but not the other child, maybe one game a year. Now then, you are wondering why those children do not come around. Well, I thought I made a mistake the way I raised them. I taught them to love and respect people. But they tell me, why should I go over there, she never cared about me. And that's when say I raised you different. You taught me not to play in traffic and not to play with matches and catch myself on fire. You told me to stay away from danger, and things that would harm me and hurt me. They have hurt me one too many times. That's why we stay away. Be aware. When children are little they pay very close attention to what you do and what you don't do. How you treat one grandchild, even the cats and the dogs are effected. Things are effected by these grandparents. I had a child ask me why their grandparents liked one's dog and not theirs. They said they guessed it was because they liked the other one and not them. Be very careful. It may come back to bite you in the butt someday. Remember, a lot of times, those people are the ones that will be around to care for you, or visit you or do for you. What goes around, comes around.

So now Mr. Editor, after the deal is done, you inform people with this rush to ethanol using corn, you could just as easily use marijuana which is a natural growing plant, without pesticides at all. You choose now to tell people that there's a danger of contaminating the water supply. This country is doomed.

Anybody thinking about voting Independent, don't vote for Ralph Nader. He's not Independent, he's really a Republican. They told this on CNN one night. If you want to vote for him, you might as well vote for a hole in your head.