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Litterbugs should be ashamed of actions

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Since there's nothing that I can do about it, other than complain, that is exactly what I am about to do. Problem is, I've complained about the same topic before with little positive results.

Someone please tell me what kind of person would leave the amount of trash along Malone Avenue following the Cotton Carnival parade Saturday. I've talked to so many people who have the same complaint and their solutions are varied.

I complained a couple of years ago when the problem first truly surfaced. Additional trash cans were placed along the parade route and volunteer groups - as again this year - followed the parade and picked up bag after bag of litter. But the real question is why should we have to do this? And I return to the central question - what type of individual would purposefully walk away from a parade and leave cups and paper and who knows what else?

Some have suggested the police begin handing out hefty fines but I doubt that is fair. The truth is you can't begin to ticket each and every violator because the numbers would be staggering. Maybe something like a parade brings out the worst in people. Or maybe, it brings the worst people out.

Many people treat Cotton Carnival as a sort of homecoming. They return to Sikeston, sometimes after years of being away. Can you imagine what they must think if they drive down Malone shortly following the parade? It looks like a scene out of Mardi Gras without the booze but with an equal amount of litter.

It is not the fault of the American Legion, nor the Public Safety nor anyone else. It is the fault of those who lack any amount of personal responsibility whatsoever. I'm just amazed they are in such large numbers.

To those who carelessly littered this past Saturday, shame on you. But they don't care. Their homes and their yards undoubtedly resemble the parade route as well. Same can probably be said for their mode of transportation.

The sad truth is that some people don't deserve to be in the same place with others who accept personal responsibility. Some people don't deserve to share in a community event if they treat that community with such disrespect.

A big thank you goes to those who helped pick up the trash and those who took their trash with them and disposed of it as it should have been. For the remainder who helped to make a perfect day less perfect, I couldn't care less what happens to you.

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen