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SpeakOut 10/2

Monday, October 2, 2006

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I would like to say thank you to the Sikeston city workers for their prompt and efficient job in repairing the potholes in front of my driveway on Tuesday. I called the office on Monday and when I returned from work on Tuesday, all of the potholes had been repaired. Keep up the good work guys.

This is to Chris Moore. You are correct, nobody asked you. But as you seem to have a lot to say, I hope that you don't have any children because if you are only going to be with a team when they are winning and jump off when they lose one game, it only shows me that you yourself, must have been a loser. The Eagles don't need fans like you in the first place, win or lose. So, stay off the wagon.

- - -

This is to Chris Moore. One thing I can say about our players is this. At least our players have more staying power than you do. The taste of victory is sweet, but the taste of defeat makes the taste of victory much sweeter.

Is there not a Sunshine Law that says all board meetings are open to the public if you are classified as a non-profit agency? If so, aren't these supposed to be posted in the local newspapers? If they're non-profit and operating under 501 or other numbers, aren't they supposed to put their budgets in the paper? I know the municipalities and the counties list their budgets and meetings in the paper. Why aren't the non-profits listing theirs? We'd like to have a little bit of that information if we could. Who monitors these agencies anyway? It's the taxpayers' money.

Good question. We'll look into it.

I wanted to comment about the article that was in the paper tonight about the boy getting busted with the meth lab in the trailer at New Madrid, about there never being nothing in the paper about it. I seem to recall several other drug busts in the New Madrid area. One was a pizza place that a young boy and girl worked at whose family was very well off. I don't remember anything ever being said about that or being posted in the paper although it was all over town and the pizza place was shut down. There's probably a lot of drug busts we are not aware of. I think the people in New Madrid do an excellent job. I think our sheriff and local police department do an excellent job.

The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez is a complete lunatic. The Venezuelan government owns all the Citgo stations in the US. Let's show him how we support people who talk about our president that way. Please boycott all Citgo stations and do not use gas from Citgo.

The person who called in to say all those nasty things about our President should go to another country. We don't want him here. He is not an American. So get going if you don't like it. I bet you would find out you wouldn't be able to print these nasty things somewhere else and get by with it. Don't you ever think of 9/11 Clinton could have avoided and all those other catastrophes that have been thrown at Bush that have been avoided by others who didn't want to be bothered? You sure are some nasty person.