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SpeakOut 2/5

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

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Well, we're less than two weeks away from electing one Republican and one Democrat for president for the November election. There was this CBS News anchor lady interviewing all the candidates. She asked a question about religious beliefs. Out of all the candidates, Mike Huckabee was the only one that said he believed Jesus was the Savior of the world. The rest of them said they believed that He was a good teacher and a prophet of God. Obama, he believes in the Koran. That's the Muslim Bible. Folks, we better start praying. God forbid if we get someone like him in the White House. I didn't even like Bush, but we ain't seen nothin' if Obama gets elected. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will have their noses stuck up Obama's butt so far it will be pitiful. I'm voting for Mike Huckabee.

I was wondering, I know that they said Ryan's Restaurant was a dirty place and they had to clean it up. How long does it take? We need a good place to eat. I always liked Ryan's. I thought the people were nice. It may have been dirty in the back but I didn't know anything about it. Anyway, how long is it gonna take for them to clean it up? I'd like to see them open again. That's about the only eating place we went to in Sikeston.

I agree with Lost learning. I am so tired of these half-days. This has got to stop. Look at your school calendar. They have eight one-half days. You add in holidays, parent/teacher conferences and get this - spring break. They are out of school a whole month during the school year. Of course, the school doesn't worry about half-days because they still get their money from the state. But I don't. They either cost me my vacation which I don't have much of or my wages get docked because I have to be home with my kids. They are too young to be by themselves and I don't have family here. I can't afford a sitter for this much time off from school. I understand they passed a law that you can't start school 10 days prior to Labor Day. I also understand there is a few loopholes to get around this, which Sikeston is trying to do. Hopefully, their request will be denied. And maybe, just maybe, some of this time they take off will be put back into the school's year for learning. Isn't that why they go to school in the first place?

How come in the Sikeston Standard on Wednesday, Jan. 23, you all didn't say nothing about the stock market and all that happened that was negative? Is it because you are a Republican paper? Is that the reason?

I'm calling in reference to Gov. Blunt's decision not to run for reelection. I admire Gov. Blunt for that. I just wish President Bush had done that before his second term. This country would have been in a lot better shape. At least Blunt knows when to back out. I wish Bush would've done that. Hopefully we can recover someday.

Mr. Blunt, this is for you. I go to the Community Sheltered Workshop. I am 44 years old. My name is Anna. Mr. Blunt, why can't you tell them to let me have my dentist back? They took my dentist away from me because Momma is too poor to pay for my teeth. I hurt and cry with my teeth all night, Mr. Blunt. Why did you take away my dentist? My teeth hurt so bad. Nobody will help me. Mr. Blunt, please help me. I need my dentist back.

I saw on Channel 12 where Gov. Blunt is getting out of office. He said that he had accomplished all he wanted to accomplish. He done that all right! He's messed it up for the poor people. He's messed up coverage for the mentally retarded. I can understand some people not getting coverage, but when it comes to the mentally retarded or someone like that who can't help themselves, I can't understand why he would want to take dental care away from people like that, or the elderly. I bowed my head and thanked the Lord that he was going to leave office. I'm so glad he's leaving. Hopefully they will be somebody in there that will have compassion for the elderly and the mentally deranged people. Blunt really did mess the people around.

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I was just reading in Wednesday's paper that Gov. Blunt said he won't run for reelection. Thank goodness for that. He's retiring at age 37, must be nice. Most Missourians have to work until they're 70 because they're not covered by any kind of insurance. The way they've done Medicaid and Medicare in the past, they sure can't retire. They have to work to get by and buy groceries and health insurance. Must be nice to retire at 37. As far as I'm concerned he didn't do nothing for the state except get people in deeper and deeper in debt.

I'm calling about the article Using the children in SpeakOut. I agree 100 percent with the caller on that. Mr. Juden has got the gamers he needs to keep an eye on some of the local businesses here in town for normal patrons leaving, coming and going, as long as traffic issues also. And yeah, the west end of town definitely needs some work. We've got same areas on the southeast part of town that needs some work, too. Seems like nobody can see what's going on there..

A couple weeks ago someone called and wanted to know if you could add Hallmark TV station to your TV guide. I also would like to see that added.

We're checking.