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Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2016

Your view: You're right

Monday, April 3, 2006


You are right on when you talk about the give-away programs the state of Missouri has that are sadly misused and it seems no one ever checks.

People think this gravy train will never stop, but if the state and country goes broke what will they do?

Everyone seems to cash in on it. The doctors charge more and every thing in the medical field. Our kind of businesses have come about because Uncle Sam paid off.

We pay for five to 10 babies to parents not married and young girls keep having them to get checks. The first child could be a mistake, but not likely to say. Then we have to pay to feed, cloth, for medical and then they have children and it's the same thing over again. This must stop because in the future the elderly and the truly poor will have nothing to live on as the programs were intended to do and for those who do not work.

Another thing people today who have to work for $5.25 per hour can't possibly make a living for a family and that is what a lot of places pay their employees. The fast food places, the nursing homes, stores, most any places where they employ very many. Gas prices as they are, how can they get to work?

Some women rent Section 8 houses and have men living there working and she works out at things she doesn't have to report and goes out at night and drinks and to church to get food.

I reared two children back in the late '30's and early '40's. I didn't ask for any help. I worked for $25 a week and did cleaning, babysitting, waited tables, anything that I could make an honest living and sent my children to school and did not owe one penny and I still didn't owe a dime. If I could do it so could any one else.

I am proud to be able to say this and my children are good upstanding citizens and they have never been in any trouble and they have reared their own children the same way.

You who are deadbeats - and you know who you are - get off your duffs and go to work. There are jobs out there. You complain about Mexicans coming in our country and taking jobs and that's because they will work and are not wanting a handout.

You who are too lazy to work would have to do with out a few meals and go with out shoes a while.

As a child I have gone to school with cardboard in my shoes that made me know when I became old enough to work I could buy by own and it made a better person of me and I am proud I never and had to ask for anything and I still don't.

By the way, I still alter (clothes) to make extra money.

The good Lord has truly blessed me.

A Concerned Citizen