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Murakami wins Super Pro at Sikeston Drag Strip

Friday, March 31, 2006

SIKESTON -- Here are the results from the Sikeston Drag Strip from March 25.

Junior Dragster Class

1st Place - Austin Rettig Sikeston, DI - 8.64, ET - 8.644 MPH - 74.73 RT - .553

2nd Place - Ricky Skelton Jr. Sikeston, DI - 12.49, ET - 12.409 MPH - 49.12 RT - .665

Three weekends in a row these youngsters have met each other in the Junior Dragster finals. Every weekend, the races seem to get closer and closer. Austin gave up almost four seconds to Ricky off the starting line. Ricky had a good light, but Austin bettered him and launched hard off the starting line. As the two raced down track, it looked like Ricky was going to take the win, but as he crossed, he broke out by almost a tenth of a second, giving Austin the victory bulb and a trophy. Congratulations to Austin Rettig on his Junior Dragster class victory.

Trophy Class

1st Place - Kyle Allardin LaCenter, Ky., DI - 9.35 ET - 9.382 MPH - 70.53 RT - .580

2nd Place - Charlie McCabe Sikeston, DI - 8.51 ET - 8.635 MPH - 83.36 RT - .569

The Trophy Class final pitted Kyle Allardin, a veteran of our Trophy Class, against Charlie McCabe, a relative newcomer to the Sikeston Drag Strip. Both racers were on the tree all night and did not change their strategy in their final round matchup. Charlie gave up a small spot to Kyle, who took advantage of it with a good light. Charlie bettered Kyle, however, and began chasing the big yellow Dodge truck down. At the far end, Kyle crossed the line first, running closer to his dial in and squeezing out a narrow win. Congratulations to Kyle Allardin on his Trophy Class victory.

ET Class

1st Place - Charles Seabaugh Oran, DI - 8.26 ET - 8.315 MPH - 76.93 RT - .594

2nd Place - Tom Merlenbach St. Louis, DI - 6.99 ET - 7.094 MPH - 97.82 RT - .576

Our ET Class final featured two racers who were on top of their game in the ET Class. Charles Seabaugh, in his Easy Rider pickup truck, and Tom Merlenbach in his Camaro, squared off in a great final run. Both drivers have had a good deal of success at the Sikeston Drag Strip and were ready to take the win in the ET Class. Charles left first with almost a second-and-a-half spot ahead of Tom. Tom launched hard, bettering Charles light, and began chasing down the truck. At the far end it looked too close to tell, but Charles crossed first, running closer to his dial-in, and taking his first ever win in the ET Class. Congratulations to Charles Seabaugh on his ET Class victory.

Pro Class

1st Place - Dan Smith Affton, Mo., DI - 6.58 ET - 6.584 MPH - 104.11 RT - .530

2nd Place - John Daniels Dexter, DI - 6.70 ET - 6.662 MPH - 101.62 RT - .486

The highly competitive Pro Class featured two drivers who brought their A-

Game on Saturday night. Dan Smith, one of the toughest drivers to come to the Sikeston Drag Strip, and John Daniels, a great Pro Class driver as well, squared off in the Pro Class final. Both drivers were nailing the tree all night, taking down many other tough Pro drivers en-route to the finals. John left first with a spot of .12 seconds. However, before the race could get started, John went red, giving Dan the win. To cap off the race, Dan ran only .004 of a second off his dial in, while John broke out, running one of his quickest times of the night. Congratulations to Dan Smith on his Pro Class victory.

Super Pro Class

1st Place - Mark Murakami Cape Girardeau, DI - 5.35 ET - 5.361 MPH - 125.59 RT - .518

2nd Place - William Wilson Arcadia, Mo., DI - 5.55 ET - 5.559 MPH - 123.96 RT - .525

The final race of the night came down between two of the toughest drivers in our Super Pro Class. William Wilson, who has raced his way to two finals this season, took on defending class champion Mark Murakami. In the Semi-Final round, Mark broke his car, but drove his brother-in-law's dragster past last race's winner, Linden Hills, and into the finals. William got a two-tenths of a second spot and hit the tree hard. Mark bettered his light and launched hard out of the gate in the black dragster. Talk about a close race, this one was down to the wire at the far end. William ran closer to his dial in, but Mark squeezed it out with a little help to his light to take the win. What a race! Congratulations to Mark Murakami on his Super Pro Class victory.

The Sikeston Drag Strip will host its first Test n Tune Thursday night, April 6th, and points start on April 8th for ET, Pro and Super Pro Classes.