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SpeakOut 2/1

Friday, February 1, 2008

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Michael Jensen, I write regarding your editorial of 12/19/07, titled Holiday compassion not always deserved. I think your callous headline doesn't take into account several things: 1- It needs to be noted how expensive our society is. Costs have risen, wages have not kept pace. 2- I'd say compassion is definitely in order for the woman who first had to scratch off 20 lottery tickets before approaching your holiday charity campaign. Sounds like a gambling addiction - and I feel for her, as I'm sure you do as well. 3- For you to say "times are tough for others because they choose not to seek any improvement in their lives..." We need to keep in mind societal factors that keep most of the poor in their place - poor education, poor healthcare and racism. Or, of course, sometimes problems like mental illness make things a lot harder as well. These things take a toll over time, and must be remembered before taking a glimpse of someone's life and assuming that they aren't trying. It's easy to assume people aren't trying when we don't know the whole story. I was a public aid social worker for nearly 11 years with the state, and believe me, I saw a lot of people that were hard to help because of their own failures. But I'd say compassion is always deserved, even for the worst of us. I think if you had just titled your column differently, I wouldn't have had a problem with it.

To the man in Charleston who found our black and white Husky, I thank you so very much! We have all been so sick wondering if he was dead or being mistreated. From the bottom of our hearts, we truly are glad there are still good people in the world. Thank you again. God bless you.

Am I the only one who noticed the obvious when the Standard Democrat ran the story the other day about the local dentist and the veterinarian being arrested for drug activity? When Operation Grinch was reported, you plastered the front page of the paper with the arrest of a small time street level drug dealer who was black, of course. Also, notice the relative small bonds these two got. We sure notice the large bonds placed on the small crack busts of blacks. Why didn't you give the dentist and the veterinarian the same publicity by having their pictures prominently displayed on the front page? Now, because I don't want you to accuse me of playing, as you say, "the race card," I won't say it was because those two were white. Most people are able to figure out the obvious for themselves. Needless to say, I really don't expect you to print this - we really don't want to look at this like it really is, do we?

The news release was submitted without photos by Sikeston Department of Public Safety after business hours. The paper went to press before DPS reopened.

Whoever wrote in about the SPS 12 announcer being the most biased needs to look no further than their own backyard. The Charleston announcers on FM 107.1 (Larry Smith/Robin Minner) take home that prize! Erik Sean and Todd Bonacki are the very best announcers in this area. You can listen to them call the University sporting events at SEMO and some Cape Central games.

We have recently moved to the Sikeston area with our five children. We moved into a two bedroom trailer because it was all that was available at that time. We desperately need to find a larger home. We prefer that it is in the Scott Central or Kelly School District. If anyone has a home for rent, or knows of someone who might, could you please ask them to contact me at 472-

6157. Our family would really appreciate it. Thank you.

This is in reference to the person that put the article in the SpeakOut about trash in the streets of Charleston. If you would, notice that Charleston City Police and the SEMO Drug task Force along with the Sikeston SOG team were the ones getting the drugs off of the streets instead of picking up items out of the road. And thank you for cleaning up the street.

I sure wish people would keep their dogs at home. Thursday night about 7:30 p.m. this big black Lab dog was in my yard and doing his or her business, not the first time this dog has been out. I think he may have a home on Woodruff Ave., he was on Plantation Blvd. Your dog is supposed to be on a leash. Next time I will call someone to come and pick this dog up. I'm sick of picking up what he does in my yard. I'm not sure what kind, but it's a big black dog. Also, a big tan dog is out getting in your trash when you put it out for pick up. Keep your dog in your yard or house. I think when it does get dark, people will let their dog out. Keep up your dog!