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Speakout 7/25

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My name is Tammy and I'm saying this with tears in my eyes.

Yesterday my 16-year-old daughter was getting gas for her car

when she shut the door with her hand in it and the doors were

locked. She got the car unlocked and pulled her hand out with

blood gushing from her hand. She was frantic and scared. She

had no idea what to do or where to go. Two Sikeston city workers

helped her, saw her in need and went to her aid. One of them

drove her to the emergency room, while the other one followed.

And not only did they help her do that, but that's not where the

love and the kind hearted people of Sikeston stopped helping

her. The emergency room was full, they had two or three ambulances

there. But after they got her to the emergency room, the

waiting room was full and they couldn't get her back. The people

in the waiting room, the people who were sick waiting to see

a doctor, helped my daughter. They went and got wet paper towels

to wipe her face to calm her down and told her it would be

all right. One of the gentlemen in the waiting room went up to

the window to tell them she needed to go in before they did. I

just want to thank the doctors after she got into the emergency

room, how nice and loving they were to her. I just want to thank

the people of Sikeston for helping her and being so kind. I hope

that God keeps you in His graces and blesses you and the circle

of love comes back to you. Thank you.

It is funny how people turn Bible scriptures into what they

want and use them for political reasons. I am glad our governor

has the courage to attack welfare reform. Our country cannot

continue free rides to all that refuse to take care of themselves

when able. Just think of all the young mothers on welfare now

that do not work and will never work, they will someday be the

elderly still dependent on welfare and taxpayers for all their

needs. The number keeps growing. Until our government confronts

the problem, it will continue to get worse. No one in this

country should expect a total free ride simply because they are

too lazy to take care of themselves and their children. The Bible

also says that God helps those who help themselves, he didn't

mean by free loading and working the system. I even think it is

still a sin to lie and cheat. That includes being dishonest to keep

from having to work. Quit using the Bible and turning it into a

slapping stone for your gain. Having children is a gift from God

and it is so sad that people keep having children to keep from

working. These children get in the system and depend on this

system for total care. What kind of person keeps bringing children

in the world when they can't give them anything and

expect the taxpayers to raise them? How many grandmothers

are raising children? Too bad our government can't see fit to

require a birth control shot in the butt before picking up your

welfare check. Why should a working family do without health

care and it be given freely to those who do not work and simply

refuse to work? There is something very wrong. Just driving

around with all the beautiful gardens this summer, just think

how many of those gardens belong to welfare recipients. The

poor used to work in the fields, grow gardens and take in ironing.

Now they carry their cell phones, watch their big screen

TVs and eat steak that the taxpayers provide. You're wrong. I do

not think the Bible supports free loaders. Good job Blunt, we

need more cuts. Why not make able-bodied welfare recipients

report for community service work or farm work before getting

their benefits. That would be a hoot! I can just hear the NAACP