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Saturday, Aug. 27, 2016

Speakout 2/28

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

This is in regards to David Boardman's letter on Feb. 15 regarding impeaching President Bush and Vice-president Cheney. As I understand it, that would bring Nancy Pelosi to the presidency of the United States. I think not!

I'm calling in to see if anyone knows how many people can live in a one-

bedroom trailer, with only one way in or one way out. One door is completely sealed up. It's on County Highway 538. There's four adults and two kids.

Mike, I'm a woman that is not young enough to bear children and not old enough to draw Social Security. There are many like myself I am sure that have arthritis, don't have a lot of education, that can do certain things. But at our age there are things that are a little too much. We can't get any assistance, don't really even want any. Just want to know what we can do. But we can't get any help from our government and I don't know who to call. Don't know what good it would do, if any. I'm sure there are many, many single women in my situation that can just barely get by. If there is a number or state representative or somewhere where you can write, I wish you would put it in the paper. We just can't make it.

I wish I could ask for an increase like David is going to do to pay for an increase in his water bill. But you know what, Social Security is supposed to give you a cost of living raise. They should go around to all these people we are supporting here in town and ask them if they are going to raise everything before we get our raises ahead of time. It sure would work out a lot better if I got my raise before they raised theirs.

I'm calling about all the people who want to whine about the war in Iraq and all the military people that are being killed. But none of them ever seem to mention the 3000 plus that died in New York City, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C. that day. They are all forgotten about. But they all want to whine because their family members or somebody they know is being killed as a result of being in the military. Well, each and every one of those military personnel took an oath to do whatever it takes to defend this country and to do what they were told by the commander in chief, whether it be a Republican or a Democrat it doesn't really matter. So, if you don't want to take the oath, don't join the military. So many of them do it so they can do it for 20 years and then sit around and draw a check for the rest of their lives. Then they want to whine when they have to do something to earn that check. If you don't want to earn the check, don't sign up.