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SpeakOut 1/11

Friday, January 11, 2008

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Mr. Editor, you accused one caller of class envy. I've got news for you Mr. Editor, it's class hate and deservedly so.

There is a big misconception about ethanol. Grain based ethanol will never be viable. It takes one unit of oil to produce 1.5 units of ethanol. Grain based ethanol is very corrosive to the engines and requires the whole infrastructure to change. The old money in big oil has thrown this diversion to grain based ethanol for their own security. They know it is bad policy and will never be viable and the sheep of the World will follow. Politicians use this bad policy to pad their pockets from lobbyist and pander votes from Mid-America. Sure there is a problem in this World being dependent on oil. When the Federal Reserve looks at core inflation they look at it exempt food and energy, which is dangerous. The bad policy of grain based ethanol has driven inflation through the roof. Ethanol is here and you're paying more than ever at the pump, energy bills and at the grocery store. Exempt food and energy to our core inflation is dangerous to our economy and in the long run our economy will suffer. It is absurd to ask the farmer to take care of our energy independence. They have a full plate and complain endless about just feeding people. It is proven that some forms of ethanol are viable. Switch grass gives you 10 units of ethanol from one unit of oil. It is drought resistant and requires very little maintenance. We are smarter than this, people. There is plenty of forms of energy to produce that doesn't have the bad effects that grain based ethanol will have on our economy, infrastructure and environment. We must get away from this bad policy of grain based ethanol. It will never work and will only drive our economy in a downward spiral. If you're spending all your money at the grocery store, what money is left to spend on our local economy? I sadly remember Sikeston back in the 80s. Any politician that pushes this bad policy is not looking out for our best interest but to pander votes. They will say anything to get them elected without looking at the consequences. When our country's economy hits the tank due to inflation or recession, these politicians and the ones rooting them on will be the ones to thank. The farmers can thank them also when grain prices fall rock bottom due to the fact there is so much grain out there with no demand. How many people do you know ask where they can buy ethanol?

I would like to know why a Mexican on Lake Street has a four-door Dodge pickup with no license on it and is allowed to drive it? He's lived there for at least five months and continues to drive it with no license. Us U.S. citizens need to know why.

I would just like to say if you have an accident and you soil your underwear, please don't leave them in the bathroom of a restaurant. That is very unsanitary.

I'm calling about them chocolate pies that was in the paper. If they're any better than the ones Country Boys have got, I'll drive seven miles.