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Speakout 6/22

Friday, June 22, 2007

Where is Taco Bell going to relocate their new building? The sign says coming soon, new location. If anyone know, call back to Speakout and let me know where it is going to be.

Apparently the company is still looking at property because city leaders said they have not applied for a building permit as of yet.

What is the new building under construction on Highway HH, across from Pullen Brothers? Is it a business or a home?

It is going to be a business.

I see in Speakout another person says Bush is the cause of the gas prices. This is a lie. Anyway have you forgotten the Democrats are in now? I don't see a price drop, do you? Get your facts straight. I sure am tired of Bush getting the blame for all this.

My son played in the youth baseball tournament at Benton this weekend and a fight broke out because of alcohol. Our boys were playing Bell City Friday afternoon when some grown men - if you can call them that - started taunting our team, which is Morley. I don't know how much they had to drink, but come on, these are only 10, 11, 12 and 13-year-old boys, just out to play some ball. They were told to leave during the third inning but the tournament leader made them just move further up the hill. They didn't leave at all. I believe they should have been escorted to their vehicles and told to leave. Well, when the game was over, that was when the fight started. One of our coaches went to jail and I hope the three men from New Hamburg did too. By the way Bell City won, we lost that one. But Bell City has a really good team. We played another one 45 minutes later and we won. We play again Monday night. There is no reason alcohol of any kind at a youth game. Granted it was hot out there. But come on folks, drink water, Gater-aide, soda but not alcohol all that does is lead to problems.