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Speakout 5/30

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm not saying I'm endorsing Mitt Romney for president yet, but, I thought this bio would help give some insight into the man's character and world view, to me the two most important factors in selecting a president or any American leader. We need to investigate for ourselves who we are going to vote for. If we don't do a little research of our own and rely on what the national media chooses to present to us and accept the premise on which they present it, we are going to be seeing Madam President sworn into office in January 2009. I hope you haven't given up to that as being something we can't do anything about.

As a homeowner I feel it is unfair that the city of Sikeston has the authority to tell me what repairs I can and cannot make. Inspections before, during and after the repairs, before the upgrades are at my cost. Why should I have to pay them for butting in to my business? As I see it homeowners, our names are on the deed to Sikeston property. We mow and upkeep a good appearance for them. It's my property. I should be able to build anywhere on it, from line to line if I want. I paid for it, not Sikeston. I paid the taxes, not Sikeston. It should be my decision. Sikeston, city of, if I need your opinion, I will call. Now everyone sees why this town is dying out. Signed, Angry Homeowner.

This is in response to the crop duster. What makes you think you have the right to spray your hazardous chemicals in the air that my family, my neighbors and myself have to breath? It endangers our health, our gardens, our trees and our yards just so you and the farmer that hires you can make more profit.

There's a pool hall and cafe right off the railroad track on William Street. I see there are babies in strollers and kids of all ages going inside. I didn't know kids that age were allowed in a place like that. Surely the police will be watching you and the mothers that are taking those kids there. It's your responsibility not to let them go there. I hope I don't have to call and report this again. We are watching and we care about children and they should not be in a pool hall.

I was just told dear Mr. Blunt is up in Cape at the river campus. He is going to give quite a bit of money for scholarships this year and to the river campus. I have a relative that works in the home health care agency and they sure don't make nothing. And he is the one that controls their wages. They work with people that most people wouldn't work with. I feel like if he would work one day in their shoes, he would give them more money. And he would also give more money to Medicare and Medicaid and would forget about this scholarship mess. These young people haven't worked a day in their lives and these people who work in the health care have worked all their lives. They have paid taxes and they should be making the money, not these kids just out of school getting all this free scholarship money. Republicans, I will sure be glad when the Democrats take over.

This is to all the police officers. Would you please see what you can do about all these people who are driving like they are in a race down here on Applegate and Bynum? Anywhere from 8-8:30 in the morning it is awful. I am afraid one of those kids is gonna get hit down there at that bus stop and get killed. We need someone down there to see what is going on. Help.