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Your view: Differing opinion

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Dear Editor,

I read First Session Comes to Close, Monday, May 21 by State Rep. Steve Hodges (D) 161st District. It struck me how different his point of view was from mine.

Mr. Hodges states that 180,000 Missourians lost medical coverage due to Republicans thwarting Democrat efforts to reverse the cuts.

Some may have lost coverage, but I submit that no one has lost the ability to see a doctor or hospital access due to those mean Republicans. There are programs and assistance if one is needy.

As for the $1.1 billion (surrendered) from the federal government, I ask, is it incumbent upon the state to take federal funds if they are not needed? I look at it this way, if more states would do as Missouri did, Medicaid would have more funds to help the truly needy.

Then Mr. Hodges goes on to say education will be hurt by not getting a 12.6 percent increase. Who gets a 12.6 percent increase anyway? I know I don't. That's the usual line of more money solves it all. Money alone never solved education. It's up to local school systems and higher education to solve their problems.

Mr. Hodges also states the $155 and $103 million were "lost revenues" due to tax reform. This is a perfect example of how Conservatives and Liberals differ.

Mr. Hodges sees lost revenues. I see it as more money in my pocket to spend and invest as I see fit. The point is if you allow people and business to keep more of their money, tax revenues will increase as proven time and time again.

Perry Pikey, Chairman New Madrid County Republican Central Comm.