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Speakout 6/7

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Call 471-6636

I'm a middle-aged woman and I live on Ruth Street. I have nothing against young people and them having fun, but out of respect I think the Department of Public Safety needs to stop the reckless driving, vulgar language coming from the cars and of course, all the noise they are calling music. The children are never in their seats and most of the time they are riding the steering wheel. I've seen an officer go by and never stop any of them. I know your priorities are not to stop people for loud music. Why post the signs? Please Drew Juden, help us out. We don't want to leave our homes. I know you are a very fair man. We're expecting you to do something about this. It is now 3 a.m. and there are about three cars going by my house just booming and booming. There's no way to sleep. I live in the west end and it's getting ridiculous.

Yesterday my child attended her first day of summer school. When it was time for her to come home the bus driver dropped her off at home without checking to see if there was anyone there. He was told that her grandmother would pick her up at Cornerstone Church, to drop her off there with the other children. My mother called me upset that her granddaughter was not at the church drop off and she didn't know where she was. I was in Sikeston with my other daughter at the doctor. She called me and I called the Sheriffs Department in Charleston to get a deputy to go to the bus garage and they told me to call Charleston DPS. I called the DPS and they told me it was the sheriff's problem not theirs. So I called the sheriff back and they said again call the Charleston DPS. If it's not both departments job to help search for a five year old child, then who's is it?

We are concerned parents who would like the person or persons driving up the walkways through the middle of the Sikeston Ball Field to the concession stand during game time to stop. There are always small children playing and running around. Parents and children alike feel like that area is a safe place for playing and having fun. We do understand that the concession stand employee needs to deliver supplies to the concession stand, but since our contributions help pay this employee, deliveries should be done before and after the games. We have noticed that this employee drives through during game times and does not deliver anything. If the employee needs to go from one stand to the other, then they should park and walk. The league needs to enforce this to keep our children safe.

I would like to respond to your column on May 30th. Your caller mentioned maybe voting for Mitt Romney for President. He/she stated that the two most important things to consider for president is character and world view. Caller must not have voted for Bush because his character is, to say the least, shallow and unfeeling and as for his world view, his world is strictly the bubble he is in. I doubt he could name 10 world leaders, much less pronounce or spell their name. As for a "Madam President" being elected; I am a Democrat, but all Democrats haven't decided yet who to vote for. We are going to wait and see what our candidates stand for. It is my opinion that Clinton, Edwards or Obama, our three front runners, each would be a good President. I sincerely hope everyone thinks seriously about who they vote for because the next president is going to have their hands full trying to work our way out of this mess Bush has got us into.