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Speakout 6/1

Thursday, June 1, 2006

I was calling in about Junior Legion and Senior Legion baseball tryouts. I would like to know the rules, who is supposed to play and where. Another thing is, if they already have their team picked before tryouts, why would you even have tryouts?

This is concerning the Morehouse Housing Authority. I don't feel like I owe anyone an apology because I haven't said anything bad about anybody over there. And another thing, I think SpeakOut sometimes is bad news. I'd like to withdraw any comment they think was wrong. I don't want to argue with people. I just want to live and let live and try to do what is right. But, I don't feel like I owe the manager an apology because I didn't say anything bad about her or anybody.

I see where that good for nothing mayor got back in New Orleans. Didn't help them do a thing to get out when they had all them buses. He was useless. Stuck up in one of them high class hotels riding out the storm. All them welfare people come trucking back in there in buses, taxpayers paying fuel to get them back in there. Probably some of them didn't even live there voted the rascal back in because he's the welfare king. That's the way it goes in this welfare nation.

I see where the Democrat Party donated $2 million to the gay rights. That's really nice ain't it?

This is in response to the Coup-de-wafer. He talks about the cars getting lighter and lighter and the semis getting heavier and heavier. Well I've been driving a truck for 20 years and the gross weight when I started was 80,000 pounds and the gross weight now is 80,000 pounds. And by the way, your heavy, heavy, heavy SUV will be no match for my truck.

I just wanted to say thank you very much to the party or parties that found my chain. I lost my chain at Lowe's and someone brought it to my house and laid it on my porch. It had my name and address on it. May the good Lord bless them. Thank you very much.

I was reading in the paper about the lady at the grocery store that helps people with their groceries. There is a lady at Food Giant that helps people when they don't have enough money. Also, they help the disabled people too. God will bless them one day also.

Does anyone know who does repair on cuckoo clocks? Please put the number in SpeakOut if so.