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Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016

Speakout 6/10

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Thank goodness somebody said something about these kids running around the bar at the American Legion Club. I just really appreciate someone saying something about it.

On the turning left at Wal-Mart issue, I am real proud there is a no left turn sign there. There are a lot of people that do turn left there because I am there quite frequently and witness it. Cops could sit there and give tickets. But remember, cops can't be at all places at all times. That is a good issue, but just remember that.

They were talking awhile back and they put it in the newspaper about these ole four wheelers tearing up the road and fields and things and people's property. There's people that come out here on Bell City roads from Vanduser and Crowder that make circles in the road and lift it up. They should have better respect for the property and making ruts where people have to go across.

I know there's many reasons out there to save cans, such as St. Jude's Hospital for Children and so forth. We have need for cans also. We send prescription bottles to a missionary hospital in India. We were doing fine with our collection of cans until the postage rates went up and you can't send anything regular mail anymore. Postage rates, air mail, went up all over double, so therefore we are unable to send our prescription bottles to India. We request that if you are not already saving for somebody special, we would certainly like to have your cans. You may leave them at 505 Maple Street here in Sikeston. I'll take the tabs off of them. We also have a need for the tabs. You will be doing a service to the Lord. If you need further information, you can call Rudy at 471-6630. Thank you very much.

Interesting which of the two men that has the drug resistant TB that is put in jail for 10 months. The poor guy. How predictable for the American so called justice system. What crap! This government knew that man was traveling. This is a deliberate release of that disease into the public. Must be a test case for the elite to see how fast they can spread something like that. I don't believe it was an accident for one minute. I also don't believe these daily plots we have against these sites either. The only danger we have is from our own government.

This is to all the people who complain about the crop dusters and the burning of the fields. You like to eat don't you? The farmers have been doing this ever since I can remember. I'm in my late 20s. It doesn't hurt me and I don't complain about it. My dad used to work with farmers. It's a part of life, get over it. You want bugs in your salad? I don't. That's what the crop dusters are for. As far as burning the fields, get over it. It happens like twice a year. It's going to happen how much you gripe about it.

I am calling concerning the Washington editorial in the paper on June 4. I am opposed to a politician heading the University of Missouri. We need a very special educator for our great university. May the search continue for a very qualified president of our fine University of Missouri.

I am the woman that was run into Mother's Day. This woman hit me in the bumper in a red car. She definitely hit me. There are no scratches on my car and I do have insurance. It jarred me enough that it did bother me. What we need to do is let my lawyer and your lawyer discuss it okay?