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Speakout 7/20

Friday, July 20, 2007

We were just wondering when they were going to rename the Bill Emerson bridge. We feel like that there are a lot more people who are qualified to have their name on that bridge. We sure would like to know.

I'm calling concerning the potential to adopt a pet. I went into the Sikeston Humane Society, or tried to go in three times. I could not even get past the front door. The stench was so overpowering I just had to turn around and leave. It made me sick at my stomach. I couldn't help feel sorry for the animals in there. It has to be a health hazard in there. I spoke with a board member about it. All they said was that it didn't do any good to complain. I'm here to tell you, I'm complaining. Something has to be done.

We contacted a member of Humane Society's Board of Directors with your complaint. The answer she gave is that it's summertime, it's hot and they are overcrowded with animals. And the cat room is just adjacent to walking in the office and of course, cats spray. She said they are making every effort to make the smell more appealing, but animals are animals. It's a shelter for homeless animals and animals have their own smell.

I'd like to speak out about one of the loan places here in town. It's really sad when you get in a bind that have to go borrow money from these places when you need it in a hurry. These places you borrow like $500 and come to find out they charge you about $1,300 interest on $600. That's a crying shame. These people ought to be turned into the federal government, or whoever takes care of these places. These people take advantage of people who get in a bind. It should be against the law for people to do people like this. They give them the money and certain property that they put up against it, they use it as a leverage against these people. They know if they don't pay this particular amount, these people are going to come and take their property away. It's just a crying shame! This is totally outrageous.

Back to Corrections needed. Recently at Southeast Correctional Center in Charleston, housing unit one had a near-riot. Instead of the superintendent worrying about what's going on there, he is worried about making up a policy on what staff members wear. That's more important than a near-riot. Also if he want to enforce policy, then he needs to enforce all policies. Not just ones that benefit him. For instance, all secretarial staff up in the main office are allowed to keep their cell phone on them at all times and talk to whomever they wish. There are offenders around who can take their phone. Also, institutional policy states that movement will be controlled by the level and security risk of the institution. We are a level five, the highest in the state. But yet at anytime you have offenders on all housing unit yards and main yards that outnumber staff 50 to 1. The superintendent turns a blind eye to it because he's worried about his own agenda.