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Speakout 10/30

Monday, October 30, 2006

I'd like to talk about your kids riding the bus. When your kid is riding the bus, the school and the school busdriver are responsible for them. What happens when the school busdriver drives off and leaves the kid standing there? Hmm, that's what happened today.

I would like to make a comment about the article that was in the paper about the Sikeston Bulldogs. I totally agree with everything that was in there, but you were totally wrong for putting that in there with kid's names without contacting their parents first. My son's name was mentioned and I had no idea that you did this and I really feel like it was wrong. I also agree it is time for change. Junior Varsity has not won any games that I know of, maybe one or two in the last four or five years. I think it is up to the school system to decide it is time for a change.

Thank you Pope Benedict for all those prayers for the Cardinals. I am so happy Suppan got to visit with you in Rome, because I think that was just one of those visits that had to be made. I know through his prayers, and God's prayers that the Cardinals won the national pennant. I think that Pope Benedict ought to be well recognized. If it wasn't for that trip that Supan made to Rome, the Cardinals wouldn't have won the National League. Thank you and God bless America and Rome too.

Michael Jensen frequently says that Medicaid patients get everything paid for. Well, he's wrong. Try seeing a dentist in Sikeston that will accept Medicaid. Also, there are many medical procedures that are not covered by Medicaid. So Michael Jensen does not know what he is talking about when it comes to Medicaid. They do not pay for anything, in fact, they do not pay for many things including dental care.

I'm 66 years old and a resident of Sikeston. I think it is time the people, the senior citizens took a stand against the politicians and Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid. We cannot get dental, glasses. They do not want to pay for special doctors such as heart doctors, lung doctors. And I think the senior citizens ought to stand up and be heard. We can't go on like this. They keep cutting us back on our money, our benefits. We worked all of our lives to achieve these things and now we can't use them. I thank you and I appreciate your time.

Please alert your readers that I am a life long member of Sikeston, Mo. and I have no intentions of hurting anyone. I was just saying what most of us think and can't seem to find the words to get out. Another thing is that, not all of what I wrote came from me. Some of it was input from parents whose children play at all levels. And just to let everyone know, I don't just gripe and not try to help. I am speaking with two parents that not only have children playing for Sikeston, but have younger children coming up in years to come. We are thinking about coming up with an off season training program that keeps our athletes in shape all year long. One of those parents is seriously considering heading this project. I wish that I could, but I am old, and when I retire, I am going to rest some. I've earned it. I will still be at most of the Bulldog games supporting a team that I hold true to my heart. Good luck and God bless.

I was going to a garage sale the other day in the country that was advertised in the paper. After driving the distance to the sale, there was not a sale as advertised. It would be considerate if the people advertising and changing there mind would at least put a cancellation sign at the end of the main road so that our time and gas would not be wasted. This is a common occurrence.