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Friday, Aug. 26, 2016

Speakout 5/13

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Call 471-6636

I don't know if anybody has been to Paducah lately, but it just goes to show you how our governor is at work. How can they justify having two bridges down at the same time? We've got the Illinois bridge and the Missouri bridge, both under repair at the same time. I don't know who's responsible, the governor or whoever, but somebody is really not looking out for the people.

Are you tired of high gas prices? Do something about it on your own instead of whining about it like a bunch of sick dogs. Call your senators. Call your representative, Mrs. Jo Ann Emerson. Call Kit Bond. Call anybody you can think of in Washington and complain today. May 4th oil prices were down almost $4 a barrel. Have you noticed any change in the price of gasoline? I'm sure you haven't. The greedy pigs in Washington and the greedy pigs in the oil companies are not going to drop the price until you raise Cain and cause enough stink about it. They are not doing anything but sitting on their behinds and watching the money flow into their pockets. So call, people. Quit whining and do something. I have.

Isn't there any kind of law at all about people walking around out in their yard with their britches hanging down past their rear end? And walking across the street holding on to theirselves like they lost something? It's a shame. Watson Street is the world's worst for that. They walk up and down the street, across the yards with their britches hanging down to their knees.

I'm calling about Friday night, almost midnight. There was a person sitting at the stoplight beside me. The light was red and the lady took off anyway. There was a cop sitting across the street in the turn lane. He watched them and didn't do a thing in the world about it. Now is it because of their color or do they just not care anymore?

This is in reference to the SpeakOut about making boys dress up instead of having this long nappy hair, and I was very offended by that. Then when I realized ole nappy headed stuff wasn't referring to any one race, it's okay with me. It's not pointed at just one person. Continue to give your concerns. If you would stop at name calling, you might get more results.

I'm calling about the police issue on the Malco parking lot. I wonder why its a big issue if kids hang out there on a closed parking lot. If they are doing something wrong the police can observe them instead of sending them out on county roads where kids can get hurt or killed. I just think its a bad issue. A concerned parent.