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Thursday, Sep. 1, 2016

Speakout 7/5

Thursday, July 5, 2007

We were wondering when Mr. Bush and Mr. Blunt retire from office, if they are going to play Batman and Robin in the Batman movie? Or maybe President Bush can be The Terminator and Mr. Blunt can play in the Young and the Restless. They are used to high-paying jobs, and I think these actors get a pretty good salary. Or maybe since Bush owns these oil fields, he can play Jed Clampett in the Hillbillies, part two.

We, the residents in Charleston, are required to pay an annual Johnson Grass Tax. Our question for the city of Charleston is, why? If you happen to drive by the corner of W. Marshall and Franklin streets, you will find that the Johnson grass has grown so tall that it has gone to seed. This is only one example. We would sure appreciate an answer or a refund.

My mother and I went to the Garden of Memories Cemetery this weekend only to find that once again they are not taking care of the property. The grass was grown over the markers, and they are sinking and falling over. I know there was a lawsuit over this at one time. Is there still not an ongoing watch? How can such careless negligence be allowed by the city? Fine these establishments and bring charges on them. Anyone else whose loved ones were laid to rest in this or any other local cemetery, go take a look at the conditions and speak out to the city's mayor and aldermen. If this doesn't put a flame under their rears, then family members need to file charges on them and the city.