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Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016

Flood of illegals will drown nation

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

In an amazing report that has generated absolutely no notice, it appears likely that the day will arrive when most of our large urban cities are populated almost exclusively with immigrants - a third of which will be illegally in this country.

Here's the numbers from the Census Bureau report released last week. Don't you wonder why this important piece of news has not made its way to the mainstream media? Since 2000, New York's population has been steadily declining except in the area of an emerging immigrant population. Since 2000, one million immigrants have moved to New York City. Without those new residents, the city's population would have dropped by 600,000. Los Angeles would have lost 200,000 residents, San Francisco almost 190,000 residents and Boston just over 100,000 residents. But because of immigration, all of these cities have shown slight growth.

At the current pace, all of the above mentioned cities along with Houston and Miami, will someday soon have an overwhelming majority immigrant population. And just a bit down the road, a dozen major metropolitan areas will boast an almost exclusive immigrant population.

With 36 million (and growing) immigrants in this country - largely from Mexico - the day will shortly arrive when these Hispanic newcomers will dominate the landscape in the largest cities in this nation. Can you imagine the pressure on public services that will result? Well you'd better start thinking in those terms because it's going to take a massive amount of taxpayer money to prop up this growing population.

I am sickened when I read the headlines about Don Imus or Anna Nicole Smith and yet not one mention of a population train wreck that is just around the corner. I hope and believe history will point a finger at our elected officials and our media for ignoring what is so blatantly obvious.

The discussion on guest worker programs and border fences is just pure folly. This nation is facing a crisis of unparalleled proportion and we sit paralyzed with fear and confusion and dissension. Unless we come to a collective decision soon on just how to address this growing problem, it will be much too late.

The bedrock of this great nation is to accept immigrants with open arms and welcome them as they assimilate into our collective culture. But this new and growing cancer has no interest in assimilation. Instead, this new immigrant population wants the benefits of our great society without the obligation to share our collective national pride. And in the end, it will be the native born population that loses this battle.

I am no fan of urban life and have never been. But despite my reservations, I recognize the value of these mega-centers of growth and prosperity. Can you imagine if English is the second language in a majority of our urban centers? Well start thinking that way.

I have absolutely no problem whatsoever with someone coming to this country to improve their life. I welcome their inclusion into our common culture. I resent it however when this new wave of immigrants wants to retain their native values at the expense of our nation's majority.

I won't live to see this nightmare fully unfold. But my children might and my grandchildren surely will. I am ashamed that this tragedy occurred on my watch. And yet without a national resolve, that is exactly what will happen.

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen