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Speakout 4/19

Thursday, April 19, 2007

If there's anyone out there who has a lift chair they would like to get rid of or sell cheap, or give away even, I'm in need of one and would appreciate it. Please put your number in SpeakOut.

I've owned pit bulls all my life and I've never had one to turn on me. I believe they have a bad reputation because it is publicized how mean they are. I've never owned a mean one myself. If you took in the statistics on all the other dogs that do bite, I believe there would be more that bite than just the pit bull itself. And my story about the pit bull is that they are good dogs. Any dog that's beat, will be mean. So just don't beat your dog.

This is to the smart-alec caller about the little miniature schnauzer that got killed on Ingram. The owner did not let it run loose, I never did let my dog run loose. It got out of a private fence and we don't know how it got out. Did you help it out? You said you would be traumatized? You wouldn't have been half as traumatized as the two babies that was left behind. They really miss their dog and that dog wasn't never running loose. Thank you.

Has anyone noticed that it's only the minorities that enjoy freedom of speech anymore? Thank you. My comment is if Don Imus had spoken badly about a white basketball player, it would have never made the news.

I was wondering what they did with the sales tax money. They sure don't put it on the streets. Cape has pot holes and so does Sikeston because I hit one today. I don't know what they do with it. What do they do with the money that they get for fines when people speed or whatever? Who benefits from that money? It sure isn't put to use on roads.

If anybody has any Morehouse yearbooks from 1960-1963 for sale, if they would call me at 471-0305 I would appreciate it.