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Speakout 12/22

Friday, December 22, 2006

A day's work for a day's pay. If you are like most Americans you are probably on the job at least 40 hours a week. But not if you are a U.S. senator or representative. This year Congress will be in session less than 100 days out of 365. A typical work week has been arriving on late afternoon Tuesday and departing midday on Thursday. During the day and a half they spend in Washington, activity in the Senate and House chambers is frequently abbreviated and legislators leave the capitol grounds to go off site to rented out houses to take care of urgent matters like raising money for their reelection for their team. This precious little time for legislating happens to be the main job we are paying them to do. Earmarks skyrocketed beginning in 1994 as Republicans took over the House and Senate. Also, the politicians are beginning to be like preachers, they work Sunday evening, Sunday morning and Wednesday night. Sometimes they work during the week when somebody dies.

This is in concern for Low down dirty cheaters. Maybe it's not the single women that are low down dirty cheaters because a lot of time the single women do not know the men are married because they don't wear their rings or tell them. Maybe they should think about that instead of blaming it on the women. I am a single woman. I think you are very wrong. I have been in many places. You don't know the man are married. They come over to you and start a conversation. It is not always the women that go over to the men to start up a conversation. Maybe the men have problems in their marriage.

From the wood of the manger, to the wood of the cross, Montgomery Bank with their beautiful cross reminds us of what Christmas is, Christ our Lord. Happy birthday, Jesus.

When man is cornered with the dark truth, he'll tell a white lie.

There are some jobs out here that aren't worth $6.50 an hour and I reckon they'll go away right after the first of the year. They'll be a few people in the unemployment line, who were voted for a raise and lost out. Sorry.

I live in the Morehouse area and I'd like to speak out about Poplar Street. Every time you look out there's a bunch of people fighting out in the middle of the road like a bunch of dogs. You know they are all doped up or drunk or something. They're always fighting and screaming and this, that and the other like a bunch of nuts. One of these days something bad is going to happen if that mess ain't cleaned up. Why don't the law do something about it? They argue and scream at each other.

My complaint is about the hundreds of stray cats in this town. You go get the animal control, but when you call to report these animals in order to do the humane thing and have them picked up you are told the cost to you is $10 per stray cat. The same stray cats breed over and over, creating more stray cats. Then if you continue to call, you are threatened with an harassment or an arrest charge. Don't we as citizens pay the salaries of these animal control officers? And let's don't forget the calls began with a cat bite.