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Speakout 5/23

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

This is in regards to the person who tried to pass someone on the right at Selma and Malone today, it's a Fed Ex truck they tried to pass. First of all, you were in a lane that's not a driving lane, you were driving on the shoulder of the road. You almost caused an accident when the Fed Ex truck turned right. You could have involved by driving on his left side when you flipped him off. What kind of idiot are you? You need to be the one who learns how to drive, not the Fed Ex driver. He was in the right. I got your license plate and I will turn it in. I just wanted you to know.

I was at FasGas on Mother's Day and there was a little old lady out there crying and another woman in her 30's going off on her after she hit the rear end of this lady's car. I seen this going on. Why would you stand out there and holler and shake your finger at her when it was your fault? You rear ended her. You must not have a mother or a heart either. Shame on you! Shame, shame on you for hurting that woman on Mother's Day!

Maybe Mr. Sarcasm Du Juor needs to take Mr. Stomach to some other Mr. Fast Food place or take Mr. Lunch to Mr. Work with Mr. Sarcasm Du Juor because it's not up to Miss Fast Food to feed him. I have a suggestion for Mr. Sarcasm Du Juor. Take a sandwich to work.

Apparently Mr. Caller didn't read Mr. Column because in Mr. Column I explained why I was getting a hamburger from Miss Fast Food. -- Mr. Sarcasm Du Juor.

The people of East Prairie should quit complaining about the junkyard. We had citywide spring clean-up day a couple of weeks ago. Everybody put out their junk and now the city won't pick it up. Tour De Corn will have plenty of junk to look at this year.

When is the Taco Bell and the Steak and Shake coming to Sikeston? If anybody has any information on that, put it in SpeakOut. We want the Bell and the Steak.

Thank you Mr. Aaron Gregory for that delicious, great, big turkey you fixed for us at the Eagles. Your generosity won't be forgotten.