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Speakout 5/15

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I would just like to inform parents that school was dismissed on noon May 9th. I would like for the school board members as well as the administration to know how inconvenient this is for parents. I have talked to several parents about this problem, and they continue to do this to us on a monthly, if not weekly basis. I would just like to know if there is not another form or time that school could be let out, like half a day on Friday?

When did they decide East Prairie was a good place to have a junk yard? I thought the mayor and city council wanted to keep our town neat and clean so people would enjoy it when they visit. So much for that. Just drive down to the east end of town and you'll see what I mean. How would they like all this junk sitting around their residence? The owner sure wouldn't put it next to his home either. I thought when you owned a junk yard you had to have an enclosed fence, not a chain link fence around the property. What an eyesore!

I am calling about the high price of gas. Last year gas was $2.80 a gallon, diesel was $3. This year gas is $2.80 a gallon, diesel is $2.50. Where's the difference. What's different from last year that makes diesel cheaper this year?

Everybody's wondering why the country is in the shape its in, why kids do stuff and everything. Portageville had Baccalaureate Sunday afternoon, 51 kids in the class. Fifteen kids showed up for Baccalaureate. Does that tell you anything? You can allow about 10 percent out for being sick or something, but the other 30 percent that didn't show up. That just shows you they weren't interested, their parents weren't interested in getting a little spiritual guidance before going out into the world. They gave them a Bible. But the parents just weren't interested or they would have made them come.

Someone called in to the SpeakOut a while back about a storm shelter, seeking information. I have one. I got it at forsemo.com inc. Their number is 276-1700. They are located in Malden. They are reasonable and I just really recommend them.

Someone wanted to know the meaning of the signs, Parents who host lose the most. What it is is a tool to educate people having liquor in their homes, and some who make it available to children and their underage friends. That is how they lose the most. If you would like literature and a sign, call me 471-5782