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Speakout 3/6

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

This is about the man who is poor and doesn't have a checking account. My husband and I have seen the day where we didn't have a checking account or a savings account. We barely had enough to eat, so don't knock down the poor, they do the best they can. And by the way, we never got any food stamps and we never got any welfare.

In reference to the real meal deal, tell him to get a life. Whenever I went to school I couldn't afford to eat in the lunch room. My mother and dad fixed my lunch and I carried it to school everyday. There was nothing free back then, and it shouldn't be like that now. So get a life and forget about the free stuff.

Hello, this in response to the person who was passing Scott County Central and noticed that school was in session on President's Day. There were other schools in the area that were open on President's Day. We made up a snow day. It is almost ludicrous, no, it is ludicrous of the person to say they don't know what Martin Luther King Jr. did to deserve a day of honor. Maybe the next time you by the school, you should stop in and ask for a textbook to read. Obviously you didn't get one from the school you graduated from. You showed your ignorance and stupidity by placing that article and even asking what Dr. King did. If you really want to talk about history, George Washington owned slaves given to him by his wife's father after he died. Abraham Lincoln only freed the slaves in the southern states because he wanted the slaves to come and join the Union in order to beat the Confederate states. Dr. King, on the other hand, believed that all men should be treated equally and fairly, regardless of their race. You have shown that you are an ignorant, ill-

informed, uneducated person.

This is about this country and this county. They should listen to Merle Haggard singing, "We're rolling down a hill like a snowball headed for hell."

Good evening. We taxpayers would like to know when they are going to start fixing these gravel roads in towns and the public streets, especially in Morley. Would the city officials please answer our questions in the SpeakOut column, because we've been driving over these streets all year and we'd like to know when they're going to fix them.

Is ole Al Gore still with Tipper? That woman that was with him the other day that they called his wife sure didn't look like Tipper to me. I think the ole boy has been doing a little playing around. Does anybody know?

Looked like Tipper to us.

Whoever took the orange bike at 233 E. Gladys on Tuesday afternoon about 6:30, please return it. It was a very special bike to the kid that owns it. He cannot sleep. Please bring it home. There will be a reward.