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Speakout 10/31

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

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We went for a showing of the Little Theatre play "Beverly Hillbillies." It was great. The actors did a fine job and we were entertained immensely. If you have not been to a play there, we recommend it.

I'm an old, old man and I was glad to see the Democrat's true platform put in SpeakOut on Oct. 19. That is scary, scary stuff and it's true. The Democrats are destroying America.

When you are dealing with varsity players, that you will only have for 2 years, there is no such thing as rebuilding. The only way you can rebuild is to have the Junior High coaches and the JV and the varsity coaches on the exact same page. It is up to the coaches to do a very difficult job that is to make these players believe that can win and get them in the condition they need to be in to do that. If you are unfortunate to have more weaker players than you would like, then you have to the difficult job to work them so hard, so that when you are in the fourth quarter, they are not tired and even the weak can pull something out for the team and the confidence level rises. Football unlike any other sport is a game that can be one without superstars. I urge you to visit the Jackson Training Program, and practices. You will find that they do not have a team full of superstars. They work extremely hard, and it shows. Our coaches are very nice guys, but football is not a nice sport. I am not getting this out because of any personal gain. I care about Sikeston players and want them to get what they deserve. This is the only chance for the few superstars we do have and they are not going to get what they deserve unless we wake up.

Though I don't usually lower myself to read SpeakOut and can't believe you got the long message in the paper, I offer the following: 1) you have never played football or coached football. 2) you want to be a coach or live vicariously from the stands as a player. 3) You need to support the excellent coaching staff we have if you are such a Bulldogs fan, not run them down. They are doing a super job with the players they have, and the players and coaches have heart. If you knew anything about the team 3-4 years ago, the rebuilding process is still on-going and is coming to fruition. 4) The team is made up of players, coaches, support staff and real fans that don't run the staff down. 5) Get a life (not a coaching job).

Politics are tough

Claire McCaskill and even her mother are complaining in ads that Claire has been called names. If Claire goes to the Senate, is she going to take her mother with her to defend her? If Claire does not want to be called a liar, then she should not lie. Politics can be tough. As Harry Truman said, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."