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Speakout 1/26

Friday, January 26, 2007

Since when did Charleston surpass Scott County Central in state championships? I haven't seen Charleston win 12 in a row either! Now, times are a changing that's for sure, but if we are going to quote history, let's get it right at least.

I would like to respond to No Discount For You because as a paying customer at the same local gas station/convience store they do give discounts on cash! Their dollar per gallon sign says: cash unleaded, credit unleaded. So what part of that do you not understand? Here's your sign. Cash is cash, everything else isn't. You shouldn't blame someone else for your mistake because you didn't read or understand the sign ! I personally like getting more cash back in my change because that's just a little more that I didn't have and I still have the same amount of gasoline. So if I were you, I would feel blessed that gasoline is still way under $2 a gallon and they were able to give you the option to pay by ATM. There are some stations in town that only accept cash. What if you would have went to one of them without reading the sign? You would have been up a creek, wouldn't ya?

I am in the Sikeston Convalescent Center and I make a lot of crafts. I was wondering if anyone knows how to make things out of Christmas cards or any of the all occasion cards? I was in a doctor's waiting room in Cape several years ago. A woman was making place mats with Christmas cards that were just beautiful. I got called into see the doctor before I found out how to make them. The woman was gone when I came out of the doctor's office. Please put it in SpeakOut if anyone know how to make anything with them.

A question for the city of Sikeston. Are the taxpayers of Sikeston still paying for building inspectors? At one time they inspected upkeep on houses and other properties. Some areas of this community are beginning to look like Cairo, Ill. They are shabby and rundown, six cars parked in front yards, guttering falling off the houses and old paint peeling from the exterior walls. Some examples can be found on Marian Street, Matthews Street, Gladys Street. And this is just to name a few. Sikeston is on a downhill slide and the current city administration is the responsible party for letting it get in this condition. Shape up or ship out! Some residents of these areas are trying to keep their property values up while others really don't give a %$#@

It doesn't cost anything to contact the city about code violations. It is perhaps your responsibility to help the city identify problem areas.