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Thursday, Sep. 1, 2016

Your view: We need God

Thursday, April 12, 2007

I was very glad to see all the people involved in the "Seeking God for our City" campaign sponsored by the Ministerial Alliance.

Personally, I would like to see us not stop with our city, but seek God for our whole nation. This nation is in a mess, and people are pointing fingers at who to blame. The blame, in my opinion, rests on us, the American people. We have thumbed our nose at God and ignored His Word. The majority, it seems, have decided to do their own thing totally disregarding what God says. If it feels good the majority intends to do it. Our society is spiritually sick. We have "sowed to the wind and we will reap the whirlwind." The problem is not with a person, he or she being a Democrat or Republican. The problem is a sin problem.

We can get a new president and we can pull out of Iraq but that will not solve our problems.

We are dealing with terrorists bent on destroying America and her allies. They have no regard for human life. They are blowing up their own children to carry out their monstrous attacks. If we pull out of Iraq these same terrorists will fill our void there and strengthen themselves against us.

We went into Iraq because our intelligence said they had weapons of mass destruction. It was reported none were found. It is my opinion they were there, but were removed probably by truckloads before the inspectors arrived. Saddam knew the inspectors were coming. I watched a news broadcast showing convoys of trucks leaving the area but no one reported checking out their contents. It may take time for the truth to surface but I believe it will.

As most all Americans, my heart is broken for the brave, courageous young men and women who have given their lives for our freedom. The great losses their families feel is indescribable. I firmly believe if the enemy is not fought over there they will be over here. They will be cutting the throats and executing everyone they can find in our neighborhoods. They are not selective. The women, the elderly, little children and handicapped as well as the men will be the target of torture and extermination. We have never experienced that here in our land. We are truly a blessed nation. Do we expect God to forever protect us and bless us when we have treated Him so shabbily? I don't think so. Seemingly, the majority of people denies Him and disobeys every commandment He gives us in His Word.

The situation is too grave for us to work out of, now World War III is looming. It is my opinion the terrorists have already come across our borders awaiting their instructions. If the average citizen knew all our President and our intelligence knows I doubt they would be able to sleep at night.

There is only one hope for America and that is to unite and turn to God and begin to live our lives in obedience to His Word. God is a God of love and mercy, but He does expect us to as His forgiveness for the evil things we have done. He will forgive us and heal our land according to II Chronicles 7:14.

America used to win her wars because strong faith and moral values backed us up.

I am an elderly lady born and raised in the center of Washington, D.C. We never even locked our doors until I became a teenager. We felt essentially safe. People had respect for one another and for others' property and they taught their children to do so, but all of a sudden that scenario changed.

I remember when World War II broke out: Washington D.C., was a prime target for enemy attack. I was young but I remember a man opening our front door and shouting, "lights out, air raid." It was only a drill, but everyone cooperated. If we were using the stove it was turned off and all lights went out in the city. We had black shades hung at all our windows in case of enemy attack, like Pearl Harbor, the enemy would see no light and miss the target and miss the city. Everything stopped until the man returned and said, "all clear." People would not tolerate that today. We want no inconveniences and people would rebel against the government.

I also remember certain foods were rationed. You couldn't get all you wanted or needed of those foods. I can't remember people complaining and getting all disgruntled because of these things. The nation was at war and we were all united against the enemy. I saw no evidence of division.

I remember our young men were leaving and coming back in flag draped coffins. I went with my mother and clasped her hand as we attended the funeral and the graveside services of our friends and loved ones there in the D.C. area. The silence was broken only by the rifle shots of the honor guards and the taps being played and the sobs of mothers, wives, sisters and sweethearts of the deceased. No one fought the government or played the blame game. We were at war and we stood united against the enemy. United we stand, Divided we fall.

I also remember when trucks loaded with enemy planes which had been shot down, the enemy gear still inside, came down the famed Pennsylvania Ave. People lined the sidewalks and shook their heads and said, "so this was our enemy that caused us this loss," but we still stayed united.

The church was the center of most people's lives and most people's strength. They gathered in those churches each Sunday and prayed for their friends and loved ones. Many came back to them because of those prayers. Now prayer is unimportant to most people. But we have another chance. In this season of seeking God for our city let's do it and include our nation. Let's try just living right. Let's try giving up the hatred against our neighbor. Let's try stopping our involvement with sexual sins and all the pornography. Let's ask God to forgive our past and help us do better in our future. Let's teach our children to respect God and our fellow man. We need to start somewhere.

It is my opinion God is giving us a window of opportunity, if we don't take advantage of it I feel we will see more trouble, devastation and bloodshed than we could ever imagine. I wish I could paint a rosy picture and say everything is going to be fine. If we don't begin to respect and obey God's Word, things are going to get worse for America, not better. I don't think we have a lot of time to change.

As for now, let's concentrate on what's at hand, seeking God for our city, our nation and ourselves.

Name withheld on request