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SpeakOut 2/28

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Call 471-6636

I'm calling in about some burn-out victims, two men. They lost everything. I'd like to know if anybody would have anything to donate. I called this in before and I haven't seen it in the paper. There's been a change in the phone number. It's 667-9029. If they could call this phone number I could give them more information. It would certainly be appreciated if anyone out there could help.

When we get a new governor of Missouri, can he overturn the junk ol' Blunt did while he was in office?

I know the mayor plans to give littering tickets to those who throw trash out their car windows, but what about the people who have moved trailers out on Harry and Kinder streets? That is a mess the mayor needs to be worried about.

This is a letter which I wrote to Fox News, but I would also like the people of Sikeston to read and to respond with their comments. To whom it may concern, You know I am sick of waking up in the mornings and hearing about another shooting that has taken place on either a college campus, local mall or other common gathering place. What I can't figure out, is that you people (media) can't see that the shooters are driven off of your reports and that playing the scenario over and over again all throughout the day only inspires more to do the same horrific stunts. In fact I have stopped watching all of your programs, I don't watch any national news anymore. The only way I hear about the acts is through my fiance who watches the news every morning. I hope you all finally realize what you are doing and find a better subject to talk about all day rather than glorifying a martyr. It would be okay to mention it first off and maybe to talk about what happened for five minutes, after that drop it. Whenever a few of these whack jobs realize that the American people do not want to hear about the horrific act maybe they will cease to thrive off it. Furthermore, the American people have to realize that this world is sick and that no longer can we stay safe by keeping out of the dangerous neighborhoods. These sick people are bringing it to our front door step. As I mentioned earlier, schools, malls and eating places are no longer safe. Bleeding heart liberals have to understand that stronger gun laws will not solve these problems, they only effect the already law biding citizens. The only way to truly solve this problem is to extend the right to bear arms across the nation, whether the person is in a college or a McDonald's or the post office. Once these people understand that if they walk into a college and pull out a weapon to carry out there long thought out glorious plan, and it is foiled by a gun toting college student or a person drinking coffee at the corner cafe, they will think twice about taking other's lives and will simply walk into an open field and kill their own self if that is what they desire. I hope this makes it to someone that cares and will put it on the air. I believe there are many more Americans out there with the same deep feelings that I have toward these subjects. Maybe in the end, if the media will drop some of these cases like they didn't happen and if law biding citizens can bear arms at will, we will hopefully get the peace that the bleeding heart liberals so desperately strive for.

Could anybody here in Sikeston explain this to me. I bought a dryer at a local store in New Madrid County. I kept the receipt and when I got home it says New Madrid County tax, Sikeston City tax, Missouri state tax. Why shouldn't it just say Sikeston sales tax or New Madrid sales tax -- it's in New Madrid County. Why is it three different deals? I wish somebody could explain it.

No government entity gives up its right to tax you just because you are also being taxed by more local governments. Therefore the Missouri state tax is going to apply anywhere within the state of Missouri. You will also be paying a county sales tax at a rate set by that county -- in this case, New Madrid County. If the store is located in an unincorporated area -- that is, not within a city -- then that's all you pay: state and county sales taxes. The store you bought this appliance from, however, is evidently located within Sikeston, hence the city's sales tax. State taxes support state government and services provided by the state (Missouri State Highway Patrol and Missouri Department of Transportation, for example); county taxes pay for county government and services provided by the county (such as the New Madrid County Sheriff's Department and the county's roads and bridges); and city taxes go to city government and services (Sikeston Department of Public Safety and city streets).

I was watching TV this morning and Donald Trump was on there. Some of them don't start out life that way. Some of them marry into money. That way they don't have to do anything but sit on their cabooses.

Mr. Jensen, this is to you and others who own property. I live in town and I know a family that lives somewhere else in an old house. If it wasn't fit to live in or be fixed up, would you put money into it or would you think it cost too much to buy another place for them to live in if they rented or it was on your land?

Never wise to throw good money after bad.

I want to point out an error in the Feb. 13 edition of the newspaper. There's a picture of two students and Rep. Steve Hodges. The first student pictured is Woody Smelser, it says he is from Lilbourn and that is inaccurate. I think your paper should make note that that is an inaccurate statement and correct that as soon as possible.

Photograph with information was submitted to the paper by Rep. Hodges' office.

Four hundred and ninety five dollars for a cellphone? You should have had that sucker chained to your body.