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Your view: More verse

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


To Express oneself fully in 250 words or less,

Requires more ability than most possess.

It's quite an impediment I must confess,

to substantiate fully what I profess.

Speaking out is just a sounding board when you boil it all down.

With no valid substantiation for assertions there found.

Limited space produces sound bites year round,

absent of any proof, false assertions abound.

T'would be better if callers were a bit more refined,

the reader might be better served over time.

Words and opinions are kind of like wine.

Some sweet as sugar, others like quinine.

Though the latter is medicinal and beneficial in use

The partaking of it is hard to induce.

We'd rather decay, deceive, and seduce

Than take our medicine for decadent abuse.

The acceptance of such depends on the ear.

If you're in agreement it brings on a cheer.

If you're in opposition it sounds a bit queer.

Engendering resentment, malice, and fear.

Today hate, animosity every where surrounds,

those who fight for "Right" to abound.

A vengeful mob's bent on bringing us down,

Shall we just give up and abandon the crown? Due to such controversies I decided to write;

something a little different, insipid, and trite.

I'm impugning no names; exhibiting no spite.

So what's the point in being so polite?

John McMillen