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Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2016

Your view: More poetry

Thursday, March 1, 2007

"In Sincere Supporter" by Any Name.

I believe in the efforts of General Patraeus;

More than in democrats who generally betray us.

I believe in our troops; that they're doing more right than wrong;

I do not believe in slanderous slogans of a maniacal throng.

I believe if Bush were a Clinton, roles would be reversed.

Those charging corruption; would ride a media Hearse.

I believe even if Bush had not gone into Iraq;

These same dems would demean Bush for some other attack.

Am I the only one, who remembers in Afghanistan?

How Bush was accused of wanton killing then?

After Hillary voted "yes", she fumed on the Senate Floor,

"Bush Knew!"

Offering support to "911 conspiracy theorists"

Blaming Bush and Jew!

Why is it that a Republican must resign, at the very first "hint" of crime?

But a Katrina democrat "caught" cold bribery cash,

Can not be found guilty, but oh, so sublime?

How is it that all the societal wars

Which, Dems proclaim;

After 40 years of bloated budgets and losing,

are touted with fame?

Way before the first detonated car bomb,

Dems plotted to make "Iraq" Bush's political tomb.

They immediately proclaimed Iraq as "Another Viet-Nam."

Well before we even dug up that old spider Saddam.

In the dem's zeal to repeal America's second election of Bush;

America's doom became invisible to their undermining push.

Why is it that Dem's and Jihadist's rhetoric sound virtually the same?

How can these same Dems say they don't favor America losing this game?

Try screaming at our coach; tell 'em how you feel betrayed;

Because you disagree with the game plan being played;

Next time our Bulldogs for a Victory contend;

Smugly say, "I support the players, but not a home-team win?"

John McMillen Sikeston