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Speakout 3/5

Monday, March 5, 2007

I was just wondering when President Bush was going to put on his camouflage uniform and go out and fight with the rest of the boys. He is the one sitting back and taking life easy while these young people are losing their lives. The cemeteries in Southeast Missouri are being filled up with young people, as well as all over the United States. I think he needs to take a tour of duty and go out and fight too. I just saw on the news where a boy from Bismark just came home with injuries. I tell you, that's a sad thing physically and mentally both for a young person to have to go through.

I'm speaking out on the announcers on the Sikeston School channel, the announcers for the basketball game. It just doesn't make sense how biased those announcers are. They talk about Notre Dame celebrating. Who wouldn't want to celebrate winning the district title after losing last year? I think that was a great thing to celebrate. They didn't do that to put it in the face of Sikeston fans, they did that out of excitement, the joy of high school basketball. Now I really do see you all have a problem when Sikeston won over at Charleston and the whole student section ran on the Charleston floor. It wasn't a problem then, we heard nothing about that. Now all of a sudden it's disrespectful for Notre Dame to run all over Sikeston's floor. Now I graduated from Charleston and I have no qualms about you celebrating, you hadn't won since 1991, you had the right to be excited and all that. Come on, let's be real about it and give the kids a break. They did something Sikeston couldn't do. Michael Porter made 30 points and got 15 rebounds. So what? There was no one else to do it. He's a good player, but let's slow down on that. Let's see what he's made of next year. It's not easy to go the final four back to back years. Charleston has done it five times. Sikeston you started out ranked No. 2 in the polls and you ended up all the way out of the polls. You lost double digit games. That just goes to show that Charleston is, and always will be, cream of the crop when it comes to basketball.

I am calling to see if there is an independent mechanic out there who is willing to work on a 1988 Buick Regal. I will buy all the parts. I have a rod knocking and I need it repaired. I need someone who is going to be cheap, decent and good at their job. They may contact me at 573-200-0191.