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Car crashes into house

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mac Smith, an insurance adjustor, looks over the damage at the Hill family home.
SIKESTON - Don't blame 7-year-old Tyzeek Hill if he is a little jumpy about things that go bump in the night.

After all, the last bump he heard in the middle of the night landed him in the hospital emergency room. That bump was a truck hitting his bedroom - twice.

Shanell Hill, Tyzeek's mother, is still coming to grips with the Monday night incident that left the family's home in shambles and her son hurt. Wednesday as she walked around the property at 419 Edmondson with the insurance adjustor, she was still shaking her head.

Hill recalled she was in her room around 10 p.m. Monday "when we heard a big boom like an earthquake. My older son came in and said something had hit my house."

Hill ran to the front of the house just in time to see a man get out of truck which had slammed into the front of their house. The man, obviously injured in the crash, first collapsed on their porch then got up and returned to his vehicle, she said.

Greg and Shannel Hill toak with Mc Smith, the insurance adjustor, in the bedroom of their son.
Tyzeek, whose bedroom was struck by the truck, was dazed. At first, his mother said, he thought he was paralyzed then realized he was trapped in his covers. Untangling himself, the child ran to his mother.

According to Hill, she called the police then began calling out to the man. "I was just hollering that he had almost killed my son and asking who he was."

Sikeston Department of Public Safety officers soon arrived on the scene and arrested Earl Winfield.

According to Capt. John Martin with the Sikeston Department of Public Safety, Winfield's vehicle went off the road and struck the house. The DPS report indicated Winfield backed up his vehicle then pulled forward striking the house a second time. As Winfield backed up again, the truck damaged a fence at 411 Edmondson.

Winfield has since been charged with second degree assault, first degree property damage and driving while intoxicated.

Tyzeek was treated and released at Missouri Delta Medical Center. Hill said she and the other three children who were at home at the time of the accident are fine. Tyzeek has complained a little of his head hurting still, she added.

Back at home, the family hopes to begin work to repair their home soon. And they are staying just a little closer together, thankful this was a nightmare on Edmondson Street that, hopefully, won't have any sequels.