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SpeakOut 2/15

Friday, February 15, 2008

Call 471-6636

If a wife can't control her husband, chasing women and what he did in the White House, then she can't control the country. She's just like Bill. He got up there and lied. I'd rather see Obama president than Hillary. Stop and think what went on the White House when Bill was in. It was a disgrace to the country. If you love money, okay, vote for them. If you want decency in the government, vote for someone else.

Isn't it funny you don't see anyone over the weekend unless they want you to haul something off for them? Or they come bumming wanting something.

These old farmers don't care about their hired hands, they just care about the money that they work and make for them while they sit at home in their nice warm houses.

I need to look no further than the front page of the paper, Feb. 3 to see the Democrat directly serves a hidden agenda. This placement of words used to influence and manipulate people's judgment based on erroneous statements is proof that our lives are attempting to be manipulated and controlled by a handful who would like to believe themselves to be the privileged. Most people in this region are simple people of meager means - that does not mean they're stupid. Mike, with your education and your obligation to your position, wouldn't it be nice to know all that isn't wasted doing special favors for special people? I would like to say to you Mr. Mike Jensen, cut the strings of the puppet masters and put the democracy in the Democrat. The ultimate thrust of what I wish to convey is that not all of us are so consumed by everyday life not to notice what is written between the lines. Perhaps it's time to come out of your office, take a good look around, find out what the facts are and report that. I believe it's called investigative reporting, and without a doubt is what separates a newspaper from a tabloid.

For once in my life, I am speechless. I have not a clue what prompted this rambling, yet articulate, call.

I received my electric bill this month, and I think REA should send out a paper asking people if they want to donate their extra tax to help students before they sent out their electric bills to customers. Some of us have a hard enough time paying our bill, and others on top of that.

I'm calling in reference to Lost learning. Students in Missouri are required to be in school a certain number of days so the teachers are not out of school too much. They are in school as many days as the law requires.

This is in regard to the public library in Charleston. The attendants that work in the library are really loud. I thought a library was supposed to be quiet. I do homework and I read at the library, and it's hard for me to concentrate because the ladies that work behind the desk talk so loud. I'd appreciate it if they would lower their voices so we can enjoy the library better.

This is directed toward the East Prairie Police Department. I would like to know why you don't pursue stolen cell phones. When mine was stolen and I knew who stole it, I asked them to go over there and check it out. I was told that they didn't investigate something as piddly as cell phones. My piddly cell phone was $495. If you shoplift $500 worth in a store, that's felony charges. Why isn't someone's cell phone being stolen a priority for East Prairie Police Department? Just curious. I work and I pay for my stuff and I'm a tax-paying citizen of East Prairie. They are there to protect and serve, are they not? I even had this conversation with the chief of police. If you need to be protected and served, I guess you need to move out of East Prairie.

I noticed in SpeakOut about the recycling bins at Wal-Mart, said that they picked up on Monday and Friday. I went out on Monday evening, the bins were full and paper was blowing all over the parking lot. Wal-Mart, you need to step up and make them take care of this or remove it. It's just causing more litter around the Sikeston community.

You said sometime ago that you were not going to endorse any restaurant. However, I have been noticing in the paper the last few weeks that you have been endorsing restaurants. There is a restaurant in Morehouse, the only business in Morehouse. They have excellent meals everyday and the best catfish on Friday nights that you could ever ask for, plus two sides. The food is excellent, the price is excellent. The atmosphere is excellent. I don't understand why you will endorse restaurants in Sikeston but not in Morehouse, who really needs the business. They have good people there that need the money, plus they do have good food. It is wonderful.

I notice when I go through town there are a lot of old houses condemned and waiting to be torn down. They could condemn houses out in the country also to be torn town that aren't worth fixing and rotten to the core.