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Congresswoman is setting bad example

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney is a George Socialist parading as a Democrat who has had more than her share of troubles over her never-

ending mouth. Everything the Atlanta Representative sees is colored in racial tones. Nothing under the sun involves any issue other than race.

So the Honorable Ms. McKinney sashayed into the halls of Congress last week walking right past the metal detectors, which is her privilege. Trouble is, she wasn't wearing the badge that indicates she is an elected member of Congress. So a Capitol policeman, not recognizing McKinney, attempted to stop her. By all accounts, she struck the policeman.

The Capitol police are considering assault charges. So Ms. McKinney held a Monday morning news conference flanked by Danny Glover and Harry Belafonte to charge the issue was about "race, gender and the progressive" politics of the beleaguered Congressman. Baloney!

McKinney is a spoiled radical who believes the rules don't apply to her. When confronted, she plays the race card every single day of her life. She is a sickening example of the ultra-radical left wing and a pathetic role model of what an elected official should be.

Until the left quits injecting race in all issues, we'll never move forward in this country. Until the idiots who litter the left acknowledge their own mistakes will we ever bridge any gap in this country.

McKinney conveniently says that she was stopped because of her race. She ignores the fact that she failed to identify herself and instead, slugged a cop. Were she anyone else, her sorry butt would be in jail.

If the fine people of her district believe this is the best choice they have to represent them in Congress, pity those poor folk.

McKinney even acknowledged that she was insulted because the police didn't recognize her. So apparently - in the world of Cynthia McKinney - the way to resolve the issue is to strike another human being.

If the future belongs to Cynthia McKinney, I'd just as soon not be around to witness the chaos that will surely follow.

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen