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Speakout 5/16

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I have a question or two about the old Dunn Hotel property. How much did the city pay for it and the adjacent property? And where are they going to get the money to build the proposed police station back?

According to a response from city officials, the Board of Municipal Utilities purchased the property for $350,000. The City Council has not made a determination as to when a new public safety building will be built.

Well here we go again in East Prairie, a few months ago it was the golf carts, then it was the car seats, then ATV's, always somebody in East Prairie worried about somebody else's business. What these people really need to do is write a letter to the editor and quit hiding behind such shameful tactics as using SpeakOut. However in response to the tractor parts, so that you may be fully informed, the company has grown from one employee to 29 in the past four years, of which are some of the best paying jobs East Prairie has ever known, with full benefits. So go ahead, whine, cry, bawl, as usual and cause just one more honest hard-working business to be forced to sell East Prairie out. Of course it'll be another issue next week, it always is with you people.

I would like to know how many people are employed by the garden club or Tour DeCorn? While these may be great little organizations, they hardly put food on 30 family tables in East Prairie (one of which could be your family or friend). Nor do they provide health insurance for 30 employees (to which tax payer dollars do not pay). The owner of the "junk yard" on the east side of town has replaced the vacant, abandoned buildings with two nice, new buildings. And given time I'm sure he will make further improvements. He does keep his premises clean and secure. I seriously doubt we can compare the garden club or Tour DeCorn with a company that has in just a few short years grown into such a great success. And by the way, what does your place look like?

I've said all along they've took too many in on this VA. A lot of these guys never seen a day of combat, never crossed the waters to combat. They don't deserve anything. The government had to take care of them, house them, feed them and all that. The combat soldiers is the ones that need the attention. If they did that, it wouldn't be so over crowded. If they don't get all the free riders out and limit the combat soldiers, the health care and the VA will never be any good.

I agree with the SpeakOut article, You Booze you lose. I think if they would take as much action on the drinking as they do the cigarettes, we would have a lot less deaths in our country.