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Speakout 2/6

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

This in reference to No discount for you. If this establishment gives you discounts for checks, then they should give you discounts for debit cards. Haven't you seen that commercial where cash slows down the process?

Mike, I would like to commend you for running the article on Monday from John Q. Public. I'd just like to say those are my sentiments 100 percent. If it were a woman, I'd marry her. And if it were a man, I'd like to call him my brother. This madness has just got to stop. People have to stand on their own two feet. The government cries broke but there are give away programs for every misfortunate person in the world, except the hardworking, middle and under class.

- - -

Responding to John Q. Public in Your view Monday evening Jan. 29th. If you ever run for public office, please let me know and you have my vote.

- - -

This is for the words from John Q. Public. Amen, amen, hallelujah. Somebody had the guts to speak up. Now if they will just stand up.

This is in response to Up a creek. If you do not like George Bush that's fine, say what you like. If you have a family from New Orleans, please do speak out. Enough is enough. The slow response had nothing to do with black, white, Hispanic or any other race. I read your newspaper because my son lives there in Sikeston. A family rich or poor, but none didn't have any response during the flood. We were all without electricity, not just the poor, not just the rich. The flood hit all areas, not just poor. So please small town people, come see what is going on down here and you can stay with me if you like. This situation is not a case of racism or a case of flooded and non-flooded. Please stop watching CNN and other news channels, because seeing people who live in $500,000 houses does not make good news. Talk about what you know, not what you think you all know. Everybody I show these SpeakOut articles to laugh at the small town thoughts of knowing nothing of the situation that had nothing to do with none of you.

I was watching TV and seen where this policeman killed this person up there in Marion, Ill., because he wouldn't drop his knife. And a man finally said well they ought to hang the police officer. I don't, I think they ought to give him a medal. Anytime one of our policemen tell you to drop the gun or knife and you don't drop it, he has the right to protect himself and kill you. And I believe this is the way it should be all over this whole nation. So I just thought I would let people know how I felt about that there policeman up there in Marion shooting that man.