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Nobody asked me but...

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Nobody asked me but...Albert Pujols is a big time player. I must admit that when Fat Albert is batting, I take time away from what I am doing (usually eating) and watch the guy bat.

Nobody, I repeat, nobody else in the MLB comes close to this feat.

While I believe "Poo Holes" is the best player in the baseball, I have a gripe about his home run trot. The big blast against the Padres was a huge home run for the Cardinals, but whatever happened to putting your head down and trotting around the bases like a professional?

Pujols stood at home plate so long admiring his latest blast, that Bloomingdale's called to measure his interest for their mannequin position that is currently open. Quit showing up the pitcher and just play.

* In the baseball playoffs, I like the Cards to take the series over the Padres. Chris Carpenter might be the best pitcher left in MLB. The Cards should be in good position with Carpenter taking the hill twice against San Diego and "Poo Holes" being a menace at the plate in a five game series.

Look for the Los Angeles Dodgers to get by a hurting New York Met team. The Mets have lost pitchers Pedro Martinez and Orlando Hernandez to injuries and are down to an aging Tom Seaver and inmate Dwight Gooden (kidding, but the Mets are hurting).

In a bold and probably stupid opinion considering my geographics, I take the Dodgers to represent the National League. The Cards are like the Las Vegas desert, they just have too many holes for me to pick them making the Super...I mean World Series.

Over in the American League, Oakland will meet the hated Yanks in the ALCS. I correlate the A's in the playoffs with a bad prom date, they start out with big expectations but it usually ends with no scoring. The A's have a paltry offense and although Frank Thomas has had a great year, I don't trust this former Auburn tight end.

The Yankees will down Oakland in five games and will be world champs after they dismantle the Dodgers in a four game sweep. The Yanks are very similar to Tony Soprano's crew, they have heavy hitters up and down their roster.

* I am hoping that Jamarcus Williams of the Charleston Bluejays makes a speedy recovery from his broken leg he suffered last Friday night against the Hayti Indians. Despite the loss, I believe the Bluejays still have the talent to compete with anybody in the area. It might be time for Charleston to let Jerquawn Sherrell run wild.

Hopefully, Williams will make it back in time for the SEMO Conference basketball tournament and a possible matchup with arch rival Sikeston. For my first basketball prediction of the year, Sikeston and Charleston will meet in the conference finals.

And finally, nobody asked me but...the NFL has got to clean up its act before it goes the way of the NBA. Starting in the '90's, the NBA got the "thug" label due to arrests off the floor and poor attitudes on the court. As a result, attendance and TV ratings have plummeted.

The NFL has replaced Major League Baseball as America's favorite pro sport, but that can change with the way things are going.

Today, the NFL seems on that slippery slope. Several players have had off-

the-field problems this past offseason with alcohol and the police.

The topper was last Sunday with Albert Haynesworth of the Tennessee Titans literally stomping on the head of a Dallas Cowboy offensive lineman.

The hardcore football fan will always watch the NFL.

That will never change.

But it is the casual and young fans that the league has to worry about.